Academic Year 2017-2018

Adam Kerznar – Nanzan University Exchange, Nagoya, Japan

Vitals: major(s), minors, etc. Super-senior Japanese major

Goals:  To immerse myself in a culture that is very different from my own while improving my language skills and travel as much as possible.

Motivation:  As a middle-class white guy I wanted to get away from being in the majority to help me understand what my minority friends have to deal with on a regular basis. I’ve been interested in Japanese culture for a while so took a language class. I enjoyed it so much I eventually changed my major. I want to go to Japan to improve my language skills enough to hopefully be able to translate it for a job.

Previous overseas travel:  Canada, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Russia (if you count a layover)

Marissa Miller – National University of Galway in Ireland

Vitals: History and Anthropology Major, Archaeology Minor

Goals: One of my major goals while I am in Ireland is to learn as much as I can about Irish history and archaeology.  I want to attend graduate school for Irish history, so one of my goals is to look at specific programs to see which universities catch my eye. In addition to my academic goals, I also want to travel around Europe as much as possible.

Motivation:  I have studied in Ireland once before and, since the moment I left, I have been itching to go back. Ireland is my second home, so it was an easy decision to study abroad in Ireland again. I chose the NUI-Galway program because it will allow me to begin to learn Irish in a more Irish speaking part of the country while allowing me to soak up the beauty of the west coast of Ireland.

Previous overseas travel:  Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands.