Murphy’s Law in Minha Vida

April 3, 2014

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Sometimes. Not all of the time, but sometimes, Murphy’s Law is my life. And i guess it kind of has to be because, after all, my last name is Murphy. What do i mean by that? Well, remember aquele blogue titled #MinhaVida? Yup, it’s happened again. The same demonic toe is being problemático.

Murphy’s Law stop hatin’ on my toe (lucky for y’all it’s wrapped up)

Murphy’s Law stop hatin’ on my toe (lucky for y’all it’s wrapped up)

I just don’t understand. At first it decided to almost fracture, and now it has decided to get infected. I gotta be honest, though, my life could be worst. If i’ve been away from home for more than eight months and the only thing that is really causing trouble is this same bobo of a toe, well, life is pretty good.

So here’s what went down: after i get the first pedicure of my life, the lady cleared away the blister from this wonderful toe after my travels in Argentina and Chile. Or so i thought. Next thing you know, i start running again, and my toe decides to get that same blister except it hurts even worse. Then, my inner doctor starts diagnosing and thinking of a solution. What was Doctor Murphy’s solution? According to Murphy’s Law, whatever Doctor Murphy would decide, would go awry, and so it did….

I’ll spare you the deets, but basically my blister got infected, which brought me back to that same médico desconhecido on campus that could not help me last time. And yes, Murphy’s Law applied again because, again the UFMG médico couldn’t help and sent me back to beloved Socor Geral Hospital. Quem sabe, maybe UFMG will add an ortopedista to their division because of me.

There isn’t really much else to share about the hospital visit, só que the attendant was a little slower in understanding my insurance situation, and instead of one doctor, i saw two doctors (both contradictory the esteriótipo brasileiro of ugly doctor) because apparently orthopedists don’t do surgery on infected toes.

Another thing i noticed at Socor, was that  people go to the ER for feet a lot. When i checked in at Urgência, I could select general illness or orthopedist to get my waiting number. O que é isso, Socor? At Socor, it’s either your foot that’s a problem or it’s “something else” that needs some tender love and care.

Despite spending another couple of hours at Socor, my surgery doctor gave me a prescription to prevent that infection from going into my bloodstream, so valeu!

Thanks Doc!

Thanks Doc!

só que não

só que não

Murphy’s Law did it again. But you know, that’s what makes life interesting. God keeps throwing these little bumps in the road that make this Brazilian exchange even more interesting. I mean, not everyone gets the joy of experiencing hospitals in different cultures. FYI: i keep forgetting what blister is in Portuguese, which causes problems when you have an infected toe. All i can do for now is wait for the infection to go-yes, mother, i’m soaking my toe- and hopefully not get surgery. If i need surgery, i guess we’re lookin’ at another fun blog post. If no surgery, well, to be honest, i’d much rather prefer that. In the mean time, pray my toe gets better and stops being so rude. Also, i need a lawyer to find a fault in this Murphy’s Law that keeps hatin’ on my toe, tá????




Aunt Mary April 16, 2014 at 7:32 pm

Uncle Terry and I will indeed pray that your toe infection clears up and you don’t need surgery.Please excuse typos and speling errors now and in the future. I am not very adept at proof-reading and the keyboard on my phone is so small I often touch the incoorect key.

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