Egg Cake Surprise​

June 23, 2015

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Monday June 15th, 2015

Local Time: 21:37 Shanghai Time

Today was not quite as thrilling as other days, except for an egg cake surprise. But I suppose it is really quite faulty and unfair to assume every day in a foreign country will be a complete and total adventure.

After class, we made our way to a little shopping district, and I think unlike some of the other girls, I am totally shoppinged out at this point. It was pleasant to walk around for a bit until it started raining, so we just sort of subwayed back to the dorm pretty quickly.

One of my Chinese friends sent me a WeChat asking if I wanted to try an egg cake, and in the mood for an adventure, I agreed to have an egg cake hand delivered to my door. How sweet and the cake was quite delicious!

I was going to go to the cultural class of Chinese calligraphy but it was canceled due to the rain. Oh well.

At least I finally finished my essay on Sino-U.S. relations. Sometimes it’s good to be rained in for an evening just to keep yourself organized and from burning out.

ECNU Pagoda

ECNU Pagoda

QQ Jelly in my happy lemon

QQ Jelly in my happy lemon

ECNU Canal

ECNU Canal

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