Episode 2: Loch Lomond

January 29, 2016

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It may be January, but the weather is warm enough that there are plenty of opportunities to hike in the Scottish countryside. Just a half hour drive from Glasgow (though nearly an hour by train) is the charming town of Balloch, on the shores of Loch Lomond.


Yes it was a bit chilly, but it was well worth braving the damp and mud to get a view of distant snowcapped hills and eerie shores.

IMG_0087 IMG_0111 IMG_0104 IMG_0097 IMG_0093

Balloch castle: built in the early 1800s

Balloch castle: built in the early 1800s

I realize this entry is a little short on words, but to be honest, the photographs do a much better job than I could. Until next time,


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