Academic Year 2019-2020

Anna Garcia – University of Westminster, London, England

Vitals: Communication Arts (Science and Rhetorical Studies) Major, Digital Studies Minor

Goals: I am very excited about the opportunity to have an internship abroad and gain work experience from international companies. Another goal to to travel around Europe and experience new cultures.

Motivation: I decided to study for a year because I always wanted to live in a completely new country. I wanted to gain experience in new cultures and fully immerse myself in a new lifestyle. I chose this specific program because London is a huge fashion capital of the world and is connected to so many places in Europe. I would have excess to all the countries.

Previous Overseas Travel: Wales, St. Maarten, France, Spain, Italy, and Panama

Andrew Kressin – University of Haifa, Israel

Vitals: Psychology and English Major

Goals:  My aims for my year abroad include 1) immersing myself in novel cultures, customs, and challenges; 2) learning as much as possible in as many different ways as possible; 3) reflecting on and growing from my experiences; 4) acquiring a second language; 5) further developing my global perspective; and 6) applying my knowledge so to improve my life and others.

Motivation:  In addition to wanting to learn more about the past and present of the region, I am motivated to go to Haifa, Israel because of the stress and trauma research being done there. I became interested in these subjects after my mom died unexpectedly three and a half years ago. As a future physician-scientist, I am committed to using my adverse experiences for good by contributing to something greater than myself.

Previous overseas travel: Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland

Craig Kunkel – Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Exchange, Sweden

Vitals: Environmental Science (CALS) major, Environmental Studies certificate, Interdisciplinary Global Studies certificate

Goals:  As a CALS Environmental Science major, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Exchange program is a rare opportunity to study in the heart of a great scientific community currently combating environmental, ecological, and resource sustainability problems. Through this program, I hope to gain first-hand experience of various avenues through which environmental problems can be resolved, examine the science behind those techniques, and join in the efforts to create a more sustainable world. …I’d also like to pet a wolverine.


  • Make myself as competitive a candidate as possible for graduate school
  • Enhance my understanding of ecological and environmental problems
  • Gain multi-cultural and international perspectives on climate change mitigation
  • Challenge myself intellectually and academically
  • Fulfill a lifelong dream of visiting the Scandinavian countries

Previous overseas travel: French Quebec, Hokkaido.