Fall 2019

Taylor Eilers – CET Prague, Czech Republic

Vitals: Operations and Technology Management Major, International Business Major, Supply Chain management certificate, East Central European Studies Certificate

Goals:  I would like to network and build connections in Czech international industries, earn conversational proficiency in the Czech language, and become more acquainted with the history and culture of the Czech Republic. I chose a program that would combine my career goals with my passion for the Czech Republic.

Motivation:  I chose to go to the Czech Republic so that I would earn a solid foundation in the language after 2 years of post-secondary instruction. I am also extremely interested in establishing a foundation for a career in international business specifically in the Czech Republic. Having an international component in my career is my top priority and I wanted to take advantage of an opportunity to embark on my future career ambitions.

Previous overseas travel:  As a senior in high school, I was a Rotary Youth Exchange student in Brno, Czech Republic. While there, I was given the opportunity to travel to Austria, Slovakia, France, Italy, Spain and England.

Taylor Meredith – WIP Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Vitals: Spanish and Strategic Communication; Digital Studies Certificate

Goals:  To experience Spanish culture, try new things, and practice my Spanish with native speakers. I’m really looking forward to traveling to places I’ve never been while learning at one of the best universities in Spain.

Motivation:  My main motivation for going abroad is to improve my Spanish, but I was specifically interested in Spain because I have never been to Europe! I am also excited to go to Madrid to participate in cultural differences such as afternoon siestas 🙂

Previous overseas travel:  Dominican Republic, Mexico


Trina Olsen – UW in Washington, DC

Vitals: International Studies major with a focus on Politics and Policy in the Global Economy, and a certificate in Global Health.

Goals:  During my time in D.C. with the Wisconsin in Washington program, I hope to fill in my knowledge gaps regarding how policies/laws are introduced and subsequently passed. I hope to secure an internship that relates to one or several of my varied interests: women’s reproductive health policy, global health, Latin America, immigration, or democratization.

Motivation:  One of the most appealing things about the WI in Washington Program to me was the idea of getting to ‘study abroad’ within the United States. I’ve only lived in Madison and Milwaukee in the U.S., so I am excited to see what its like to live in another region in the U.S. Of course, D.C. is also an excellent place to work and live for people interested in international and domestic policy, like myself. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of professional opportunities exist that I might pursue post-graduation.

Previous overseas travel: Ecuador, Mexico

Duncan Slagle – Arcadia in Greece, Athens, Greece

Vitals: Second Year: Classics—Ancient Greek, Classical Humanities, and English–Creative Writing

Goals:  I aim to further my study of the Greek language, soak up the vibrant artistic scene(s) of Athens, and eat all the octopus I can.

Motivation: I am excited to learn more about Athens, a city I respect so much for how it preserves its ancient history without sacrificing its modern identity. I think the boundary between past and present blurs and complicates in Athens, which offers fertile ground for my academic curiosities. I want to live in that boundary while studying language and Classical literature, as I imagine it will inform my studies in so many unexpected ways.

Previous overseas travel:  Greece, Italy, and London.

Sonja Vaintrub – DIS Study Abroad in Scandinavia, Copenhagen, Denmark

Vitals: Sophomore studying psychology and social work

Goals: I am excited to learn about how mental health and welfare is discussed and implemented in Denmark since they are one of the happiest nations in the world. I am also looking forward to travelling in Europe and engaging with a new culture.

Motivation: I’ve always wanted to study abroad in a nation that address mental health issues in a different way than America. The DIS program in Copenhagen was a perfect fit since I could learn about european clinical psychology in depth with the field work and study tours.

Previous Overseas Travel: China