Spring 2020

Emme Audley, UW in Paris, France

Vitals: Kinesiology Major, French certificate

Goals:  I plan on:

1. Getting better at French to the point where I feel confident holding a conversation with a native speaker.
2.  Visiting other countries besides France on weekends.
3.  Getting a better understanding of other cultures in this world.

Motivation: I decided to study abroad partially because that was the one requirement my mom gave my brother and I when we entered higher education and partially because I want to use the language I’ve been learning and take the opportunity to have an immersion experience. I chose this specific program because I wanted to go to Paris, and this was the only program that is offered in France and I wanted to go with my roommate who doesn’t speak French and this program doesn’t require it. Lastly, I’ve heard the food is worth a try.

Previous overseas travel:  I have never been outside of the US before!

Lauryn Azu, IFSA Study Abroad at Universidad de La Habana, Cuba

Vitals: Journalism major and Latin American, Caribbean and Iberian Studies major, Digital Studies certificate

Goals: Work on Spanish fluency, engage with the people and culture of Cuba, learn as much as I can about myself in the process

Motivation: One of my goals for college was to do some sort of study abroad. Some of the most important lessons of my life are from my travels outside the country, and I know my experience in Cuba will push me out of my comfort zone and encourage to be a stronger, wiser person.

I was enchanted by the opportunity to study abroad in Cuba mainly because it was something I hadn’t heard of anyone doing before. I didn’t even know that it was possible before I discovered the programs that UW-Madison offered. I want to take advantage of the opportunity to live and study in a country that isn’t exactly easy to visit. I’m also interested in learning about the historical and political factors that shape Cuba systematically and I want to compare them to systems at work in the United States when I arrive home.

Previous overseas travel: Mexico, Canada, Germany


Rachel Betters – Santa Reparata International School of Arts (SRSIA) in Florence, Italy

Vitals: Sophomore Art Major studying Graphic Design & Photography

Goals:  There are so many things I hope to do, learn, and experience in Florence that I can hardly sum them up. Academically, I am most excited to begin studying travel writing and photography with Florence as my canvas and learn the rich history of Italian Renaissance art. Of course, I also want to explore the city, immerse myself in the Italian lifestyle, take weekend trips around Italy and Europe, and consume as much pasta as possible.

Motivation:  As an art student, taking classes in the birthplace of the Renaissance sounds like an amazing opportunity. I can’t wait to experience art I’ve only seen in history textbooks or learn painting and photography in the beautiful streets of Florence.

Previous overseas travel:  Guatemala, Belize, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Curaçao, Jamaica, Mexico, Dominican Republic


Matthew Brown – Mahidol University Exchange in Bangkok, Thailand

Vitals: Computer Science and Economics Major, Math Minor

Goals:  I’m excited to experience a culture that’s very different from the US. I’m also looking forward to trying unique food and exploring nature throughout the region.

Motivation: I’ve always wanted to go to Asia and live/study in a major city. I picked Bangkok because there’s a myriad of things to do, and it’s surprisingly affordable, so I can afford to indulge all my interests.

Previous overseas travel:  Canada, Belize, Aruba, Netherlands, Germany, Morocco

Molly Carmichael – UW in London, England

Vitals: Junior studying journalism and political science

Goals: I am excited to have the opportunity to experience British culture and try out a different lifestyle for a bit. I am also looking forward to getting more professional experience through my internship, which I start after spring break.

Motivation:  London is a really special place for a lot of my family members. After hearing so many stories about how great it is, I decided I need to check it out myself. I am looking forward to spending a lot of time in the city and U.K. but also traveling around Europe for relatively cheap. Additionally, it is such an interesting time to be in London during Brexit and the upcoming election.

Previous overseas travel:  England, France, Belgium




Jenny Deng – IFSA National University Ireland, Galway

Vitals: Philosophy Major

Goals: While abroad, I hope to learn a thing or two about Irish humor and adopt the resilient, fun-loving Irish spirit. At the same time, I hope to learn something new about myself and see where it takes me.

Motivation: I fell in love with Ireland in 2016, and I always knew I’d return. Studying and living in a country is infinitely more valuable than traveling to one. There is the possibility of becoming part of a community, which requires time, effort, and immersion. I’m choosing to go abroad because it changed so much for me the first time, and I’m excited for it to do the same this time.

Previous overseas travel:  Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, England, Scotland, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Costa Rica, China, Canada, Mexico



Paige Haehlke – University of Westminster in London, England

Vitals: Junior Journalism and Gender & Women’s Studies Major, Digital Studies Certificate

Goals: While in London, I hope to learn more about myself and push myself out of my comfort zone and the life I’m used to in Madison. When I’ve traveled before, it’s always been with my family, so I’m looking forward to being completely independent and getting to make my own decisions about where to go and what to do. I also hope to make new friends, make memories I’ll never forget, and, most importantly, perfect my British accent.

Motivation: Ever since my older brother studied abroad during college, I knew that it was something I wanted to do, too. He also studied in London and had an amazing time, and I had been there twice previously and fell in love with it. I have always loved traveling, and studying abroad is the perfect opportunity for me to experience the world and new cultures.

Previous overseas travel:  Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy



Paige Tuttle – UW in Florence, Italy

Vitals: Journalism Major with an emphasis in Strategic Communication, Digital Studies Certificate

Goals: I aim to immerse myself in the Italian culture as much as I can to broaden my knowledge and life experiences. Additionally, I strive to learn how to communicate with a variety of people in a variety of places. I can use the communication skills I learn abroad when I enter the workforce as a strategic communicator. Lastly, I want to reflect on my abroad experience while I am there. This is such an amazing opportunity and I want to soak it all in and appreciate it before it ends.

Motivation:  I chose to go abroad for a semester to get outside of my comfort zone and learn about the world. As a history lover, Florence is the perfect place for me to learn and thrive. This program will allow me to learn about the history of Florence while experiencing it at the same time. Further, being in Europe will allow me to easily travel and see a multitude of countries.

Previous overseas travel:  The only other country I have traveled to outside of the United States is Mexico. I am so excited explore a variety of countries while in Europe.

Olivia Van Den Heuvel – University of Aarhus, Denmark

Vitals: Journalism and International Studies Major

Goals: I hope to learn about and experience Danish culture. I look forward to traveling to several countries in Europe and participating in many outdoor activities including hiking, camping and exploring the cities of Aarhus and Copenhagen in my free time. I hope to come back to the United States with lifelong friends, memories and stories.

Motivation: I’ve always wanted to study abroad during my time in college, and as an International Studies major I think it’s important to spend time living and studying abroad to gain a well-rounded understanding of life outside of the United States. I’m passionate about traveling and getting outside of my comfort zone, and my study-abroad program will allow me to do just that.

Previous Overseas Travel: Australia, Costa Rica