Fall 2011

Elana Siegel – Lima, Peru

Vitals: Third year International Studies major graduating this spring, May 2012

Goals: I want to engage in a different culture in order to learn about myself, my own culture, and the culture of Perú. More practically, I hope to increase my Spanish skills. Plus, I want to magically become outdoorsy and competent at doing things like hiking and camping.


Motivation: Gosh, how many times in your life do you have the opportunity to pick up your life and move it to another country for 4-5 months? How can I not take advantage of these experiences? I have always been interested in different cultures, but this is my first opportunity to spend a serious amount of time in a foreign country and really live in the culture.


Previous Overseas Travel: Italy, Austria, Germany

Lesia Witkowsky – Prague, Czech Republic (CIEE)

Vitals: International Studies Major, Global Cultures Certificate (still deciding between Journalism and English as a second major)

Goals: I feel it’s highly unlikely that I’ll be able to just up and move to Europe for four- five months ever again, so I’m going to take advantage of every opportunity that comes at me.  Knowing little about Prague, I hope to make some local friends who will teach me their Czech ways (though I must admit, I hope their English will be better than my Czech because I’m not banking on becoming fluent any time soon).  While abroad, I also plan to visit some of the neighboring countries in order to get a fuller view of Europe.  And lastly, I hope Prague will give me inspiration for some creative pieces, considering writing is one of my passions (please don’t judge my work too harshly).  I also plan to compile hundreds of photographs and possibly some films of my adventures for everyone to enjoy!

Motivation: Studying abroad was something I’ve wanted to do for as long as I can remember.  I am majoring in International Studies because everything about different people, cultures and lifestyles overseas fascinates me.  I chose Prague because it is an intensely beautiful and lively city central to the rest of Europe.  Right now I’m just taking it one continent at a time in order to one day see as much of the world as humanly (and financially) possible.

Previous overseas travel: Hawaii, Mexico, Canada (not technically overseas, but oh well) Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, England, Ukraine and a two-week cruise to The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Estonia & Russia.