Summer 2012

KAT CAMERON– Beijing, China

Vitals:  Biological Aspects of Conservation & Environmental Studies Double Major, Dance Certificate

Goals:  I want to immerse myself in the culture and history of the country and its people. I also want to advance my work as a photographer, which you will hopefully see the fruits of on this blog. Bonus points if I pick up Mandarin while I am there.

Motivation:  I recently discovered that I know very little about China. Around the same time as I was realizing this, I also came to the conclusion that time was running out if I wanted to study abroad. So studying abroad in China made perfect sense to me.

Previous overseas travel: Canada, Mexico, France, England, Scotland, Ireland & Costa Rica


Vitals:  I will be entering my Junior year in the fall and am majoring in Elementary Education with a Global Perspectives minor and possibly a certificate in South Asian Studies.

Goals:  I aim to expand my global competency by taking advantage of every opportunity to try new things that I wouldn’t normally be able to otherwise, whether traditions, food, or other cultural experiences. I hope to be able to reflect on those learning experiences through journaling and blogging consistently. Additionally, I really look forward to getting to know my host family and learning as much from them as I do from my class and internship. Hopefully I’ll even be able to pick up some Marathi! Another goal I have is to be conscious of my identity as an American. I find it extremely important to be a gracious guest and to represent my home school and country favorably, while fostering positive international relationships through respect, courtesy, and open-mindedness.

Motivation:  I am motivated to go to India because studying abroad will give me the opportunity to travel and experience a different culture in ways that I don’t think I will be able to after college. I have heard so many wonderful stories about study abroad and I know that passing up the opportunity to participate would be something that I’d always regret. I am especially interested in the internship aspect of the opportunity in Pune, as I applied for this program partly because of the practical experience that it will provide me in my field of interest. I have always been interested in India and its rich history and cannot wait to explore such a dynamic nation more closely.

Previous overseas travel:  Kenya and Mexico (Not technically overseas, but across borders, so I’ll count it!)

DANIEL DRYBURGH– Rovinj, Croatia

Vitals:  Finance and International Relations-European Track, Certificate in Environmental Studies

Goals:  I want to fully and completely immerse myself in European culture. I hope to integrate as best I can into the local culture via soccer and social events, as well as experiencing some of the amazing outdoor opportunities Croatia has to offer.

Motivation:  I have always wanted to go to Europe and this will be an amazing first opportunity to do so. Traveling is something I truly enjoy and this trip will not only give me the opportunity to experience what Croatia has to offer, but also what neighboring countries (i.e. Italy, Hungary) can provide as well. I chose this program because of my desire to see a new part of the world, the stunning scenery of my program’s location and the chance to gain insight into the storied culture of Croatia.

Previous overseas travel: Mexico, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Thailand & Vietnam

IAN FRYE– Bumthang, Bhutan

Vitals:  Sophomore majoring inInternational Studies-Global Security and Environmental Studies, with a certificate in Global Health

Goals:  In such an exotic place as Bhutan, everyday will be an adventure unlike any other. I want to learn what makes this poor undeveloped country one of the happiest in the world. I hope to discover how this tiny country, trapped between China and India, has maintained such a pristine environment and rich culture in the face of globalization. Finally, meeting a Buddhist monk who can guide me to enlightenment wouldn’t be such a bad deal either.

Motivation:  I had never planned to go to Bhutan. I probably couldn’t have picked it out on a map, and I had only remembered there was a program there after reading an article about how Bhutan, one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world, was also ranked consistently among the happiest. To travel to another world like this and learn about such a rich and unique place is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I resolved to seize such an opportunity.

Previous overseas travel:  Peru, Ecuador, the Caribbean & Australia


Vitals:  Junior, Nursing major, German minor

Goals:  Soak in as much knowledge as possible!  I want to completely integrate myself into the German lifestyle, become acquainted with Bonn culture, increase my fluency, learn some new lingo, try new foods, navigate the U-Bahn and S-Bahn systems, visit Beethoven’s home, and explore the country via as many ways of transportation as I can!

Motivation:  After having a taste of this wonderful country a few years ago, I have always known I want to return. What better way than to combine travel and the expansion of my education?!  Although I will only be abroad for a little over a month, I plan to fully optimize this short time to the best of my ability.

Previous overseas travel:  Germany, Czech Republic, Haiti

LAUREN O’KANE– London, England (Westminster)

Vitals:  Majoring in Economics and Environmental Studies

Goals:  It’s difficult to choose just a few ‘goals’ for such a life experience as a study abroad trip. I really want to see and experience London and England as a whole, and not just as a visitor or tourist. My biggest goal is to do things that scare me, and to try something new as often as possible.

Motivation:  I chose to study in London for more reasons than I can count. England is truly a significant country, with a thriving nightlife, an important economy, and a rich history. And who can say no to English accents and platform 9 ¾? Studying abroad is one of the only opportunities you get in life to leave your country for more than a month and have an adventure in another. I’m planning on taking full advantage of this experience, so I’m staying a week past my program date to travel through other regions of Europe.

Previous overseas travel:  Spain, Kenya, Tanzania, Canada (I’m counting it!), British Virgin Islands, Mexico, Belize

CHELSEA RILEY– Quito, Ecuador (Andes to Amazon)

Vitals:  Environmental Studies Major, Philosophy Major, Classical Studies Certificate

Goals:  I have never been given an opportunity to stay at length in a tropical forest. They are so cool and I like them. Rainforests are home to some of my favorite animals, and I intend to fully observe and photograph them to my little heart’s content. My goal is to learn and to see as much as I can, including seeing a giant millipede in its natural habitat.

Motivation:  Ecuador is home to extreme biodiversity. The amount of species of plants and animals that make their livings there is astounding. I love learning about biodiversity, the organisms involved, and the complex mechanisms that govern ecosystems. Ecuador is probably one of the best places to do so; it has diverse animals in diverse ecosystems. Also, one of the field stations I’ll be staying in was specifically mentioned in an article in the National Geographic. Awesome.

Previous overseas travel:  Costa Rica, Mexico, Ireland, Aruba


Vitals:  Junior Double Majoring in Spanish and Medical Microbiology and Immunology (seriously a mouthful)

Goals:  My biggest goal for this summer abroad is to get comfortable using my Spanish. Although I’ve been taking Spanish for almost eight years now, I still find that it is hard to completely relax while speaking. Other than that I can’t wait to make new friends, take an obnoxious amount of photos, stay up way too late, befriend the locals, meet my host family, and live in a place where school only lasts four days a week. And after all that, when will I ever sleep? VIVA la siesta!

Motivation:  I want to go somewhere and make it my own. Well, not technically “my own.” I don’t foresee myself owning any countries in the near future, however amazing that does sound. What I mean though, is that I want to make it my own EXPERIENCE. I want to forge the way for other Spain-bound students and share my exciting and unique experiences as I go. I want to serve as expert tapas taste-tester, Spanish wine sommelier, discoteca connoisseur, and jukebox for the Spanish music inclined. Other motivation: Meet Bono (totally and entirely unrelated). What famous band front man wouldn’t have a house in the south of Spain?

Previous overseas travel:  Turks and Caicos, Guatemala, Costa Rica, England, France, Norway, Canada, and Mexico (the last two of which are definitely not overseas oops!)

MARISOL (WENDY) WOLF– Tianjin, China

Vitals: Tentative Chinese Major/ Chemistry Major, Global Health Certificate

Goals:  I hope to learn as much as the Chinese language as possible by completely immersing myself in the language. I’d like to speak as much Chinese as possible and distance myself from other international students to explore China and the Beijing area. I hope to meet as many people and make friends with whom I can practice Chinese with too! I’d like to see the world through their perspective. I’d like to become as fluent as possible to be able to use those language skills in a future career in the health field.

Motivation:  I choose the Tianjin program because it offers both language and culture classes over the summer which was the best time for me to get some experience abroad. I had a Chinese exchange student from China my senior year of high school and since then my fascination with the Chinese culture has only grown!

Previous overseas travel:  Morocco, Paraguay, Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain, Dominic Republic




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  1. Great one for choosing India, Melissa..

    I live in India for the last 1 year and my experience upgrade here just never ends.. Sometimes I think that diversity here is too much for one person to handle in short span of time

  2. Hi Liv, from a beautiful day in Wisconsin. I was there when Nick came down from the Osiecki’s house to tell us that he had successfully “Face Timed” with you. I won’t tell you what he said, but it was VERY sweet. We missed you. You were the only one missing and darling as Evie may be, she isn’t you. I am thrilled to hear that your senora ( I don’t know how to work the accent thingy) is wonderful, that you can converse comfortably, have new friends, classes, your own room and bath, etc. Pretty much sounds as if you have it pretty “sweet”. I miss you but am SO excited for you. I’m trying to find your blogs, how many am I missing? How do I find them? Much love, Nana

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