Fall 2012

SAM GUERIN– London, England (Westminster)

Vitals:  Junior; Political Science Major

Goals:  While abroad, I hope to have the opportunity to travel throughout all of Europe, especially returning to Poland and Ireland.  While immersing myself in another country, I also hope to find a worthy substitute for my late-night Ian’s pizza habits.

Motivation:  I have always looked forward to studying abroad and spending an entire semester in another country.  The University of Westminster, I am confident, will provide some real interesting courses with an emphasis on learning more about the British culture.  I also have a few friends studying in the area the same semester and look forward to meandering the streets of Europe with them.

Previous overseas travel: Ecuador, Bahamas, Ireland, Poland

HEATHER SMABY– Santiago, Chile

Vitals:  Biochemistry and Spanish Major

Goals:  My main goal for my time abroad is to become fluent in Spanish and explore a culture that is completely different than my own. I am really excited to meet people from all over the world, travel throughout Chile and other parts of South America, and of course, try all kinds of tasty Chilean foods!

Motivation:  I have always loved travel and learning about different cultures, partially because of encouragement from my family. My grandparents have traveled to numerous countries across the globe, and my older sister spent two separate summers in Australia and Panama. Hearing their stories helped inspire me to study abroad so I can make my own adventures!

Previous overseas travel:  Canada

BREANNE SOMMER– Prague, Czech Republic

Vitals:  English and Art History Major

Goals:  Have a life altering experience with a piece of Czech art, go to an underground Czech avant-garde theater production — and actually understand it, break the language barrier and make genuine Czech friends, not be afraid to let fate guide me to people, activities and adventures in other countries. Oh, and of course I’d like to do well in my classes. However, my main goal is to not let my usual school oriented mentality stress me out and distract from the wonders Prague, and the many other beautiful European countries, has to offer. Is that okay to admit here?

I want to learn to be comfortable with my independence in a foreign country where I don’t know the language. I want to live and be adventurous without restricting myself.

Motivation:  I’m a traveler. I need to move. I guess I suffer from what one would call “wanderlust”: the irresistible desire to travel to understand one’s very existence. This is essentially why I knew, from the moment I decided to enter higher education, that I would inevitably spend at least a semester studying abroad.

I had planned on going to France because I speak the language and love the culture; however, fate pulled me in another direction. Prague offered a list of intriguing classes centered on the city’s rich, cultural history. This includes the world-class architecture and art scene lining the streets of Prague. I wanted to be enveloped in this historic beauty. I also wanted to force myself to learn a new language, and experience a new culture and Eastern Europe has always intrigued me.

Previous overseas travel:  Mexico, Belize, Puerto Rico, France

MADELINE STEWART– London, England (Internship)

Vitals:  Consumer Affairs in Public Relations Major, Global Cultures Certificate

Goals:  I want to have an amazing internship experience and immerse myself in the post-Olympic atmosphere around London. Of course, there are a few more activities, festivities, and such that I have on my bucket list… I would like to find Prince Harry (and marry him), develop a taste for Guinness in Ireland, hike the mountains in Scotland, skydive in the Swiss Alps, ride a gondola in Venice, frolic around in the hills of Austria while singing songs from the Sound of Music, get a latte at the coffee shops in Amsterdam, sing Yellow with Chris Martin, run into the brick wall at Platform 9 ¾, make wine in Italy by smashing grapes with my feet (Lucille Ball style), and go to as many concerts and soccer games as monetarily and humanly possible!

Motivation:  I’ve always wanted to study abroad so it wasn’t a question of if for me, but of when and where. When I discovered the Arcadia Internship Program in London, England I knew it was the perfect fit. I’ll be able to experience all walks of life as a college student, an intern, and a euro-traveler/bum on the weekends. I am so humbled by the opportunity to participate in a program that offers me so much in regards to furthering my educational, work, and life experiences.

Previous overseas travel:  Rome (Viva Roma!), Canada (it counts), and Washington D.C. (use your judgment on that one)

JORDAN WOODWARD– Varanasi, India

Vitals:  Religious Studies Major

Goals:  I plan to expand my mental horizons by becoming immersed in the culture of India. I hope to learn about the differences and the many similarities that humans from various backgrounds share, while also gaining knowledge and insight of myself. Overall, my goal is to grow and somehow help others through this experience.

Motivation:  I have been considering traveling abroad for quite some time; I always knew I wanted to explore the corners of the world. After studying Eastern religions, I felt instinctively drawn to the diversity and rich cultural traditions of India. Like many other undergraduate students, I am not completely sure where or what I want to be doing when I “grow up”; however, I believe my travels to Varanasi (Banaras), India will plant seeds of opportunity that will produce fruits unknown to me now.

Previous overseas travel:  Mexico, Nicaragua


Vitals:  Political Science major, Spanish major, Middle East Studies Certificate

Goals:  While in Jordan I am hoping to improve my Arabic and learn more about the local culture.  I want to see new places and meet new people and hopefully make some long-lasting relationships.  I hope to gain experience that will help me later in life while also having a great time!

Motivation:  I decided to go abroad because I knew to really learn about Middle Eastern culture and the Arabic language I had to experience it firsthand.  Jordan is unlike anywhere I have been before and I want to challenge myself and expand my horizons with a new experience.  This program particularly interested me because it had lots of opportunities to be in contact with the local culture.

Previous overseas travel:  Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, Argentina, Uruguay

Kelsey Kozlowski – Seville, Spain

Vitals: Majors in Journalism, Spanish

Goals: My goal after studying abroad in Seville, Spain for the academic year is to become fluent in Spanish. Furthermore, I would like to travel as much as I can across Europe and Spain while I’m here to learn about other cultures and see beautiful sights.

Motivation: Ever since I started taking Spanish in 8th grade when I was 13 years old, I remember being enchanted by learning a new language and traveling to other countries. Many of my Spanish teachers throughout high school talked about their life-changing experiences studying abroad in Spanish-speaking countries, so I promised myself from an early age that I would do the same. I chose this program in Seville because it provides the students an immersion experience – living with a host family and taking all my classes in Spanish.

Previous Overseas Travel: Ecuador, Puerto Rico