Summer 2013

Christina Hoo – Tianjin, China

Hoo, ChristinaVitals: Personal Finance Major, Chinese Professional Communication Certificate

Goals:  This summer, my goal is to further develop my Chinese language skills while experiencing and adapting to a culture entirely different from Madison.

Motivation:  I chose to go abroad in Tianjin, China because I have always wanted to be fluent in Chinese speaking, listening, and writing. This language intensive program in Tianjin was the perfect fit; I am able to learn the language in its native country, trying to converse with local people in their native language. In addition, I love traveling and am excited to experience a new culture.

Previous overseas travel:  Hong Kong, Spain, Canada, Norway, and Sweden

Taryn Lempa – San Jose, Costa Rica

Lempa, TarynVitals: Sophomore, Biology and Spanish major

Goals:  I’m a Spanish major so I really want to immerse myself in an authentic Hispanic culture and increase my ability to communicate comfortably with native speakers.

Motivation:  I chose this location because Costa Rica has an incredible amount of opportunities to offer.  This specific program allows me to continue my Spanish studies both in and out of the classroom, as well as travel throughout Central America.  San Jose, where I’ll be staying, is close to beaches, volcanoes, a rainforest, coffee plantations, and numerous other sites that I’m looking forward to seeing.

Previous overseas travel:  Dominican Republic and Italy.

 Katie Kuecker – Alcala, Spain

Kuecker, CatherineVitals: Sophomore, Spanish Major, recently admitted to the UW School of Pharmacy

Goals:  I hope to become fluent in Spanish and sound more like a nativa! I really want to experience the culture through living with my host family, tasting regional foods (tapas!), meeting new people, enjoying historical sights, and of course taking Spanish classes at the Universidad de Alcalá. I want to gain self-reliance as I learn to navigate in an unfamiliar city, away from my Badger family and friends.  Most importantly, achieving the ability to communicate effectively in Spanish will help me in my future healthcare career as a pharmacist.

Motivation:  Since high school, I have wanted to travel internationally to see the places behind the European history I learned about in my AP class. It fascinated me to think about some day visiting the Escorial Palace (the historical residence of the King of Spain), the Arc de Triomphe in Paris or the site of the Defenestration of Prague. I’ve been studying Spanish for nine years and have always wanted to live in a Spanish-speaking country for the cultural immersion opportunity. When you combine my desire to travel and my love for Spanish language and culture, you get study abroad!

Previous overseas travel:  Dominican Republic through the Chadbourne Residential College (CRC) Global service-learning course (International Studies 320)