Fall 2013

Sierra Buehlman Barbeau – Fez, Morocco

Buehlman Barbeau, SierraVitals:  Junior International Studies Major, Global Security Concentration.

Goals: Learn to speak Arabic amazingly, practice French in day-to-day life, make Moroccan friends, see beautiful places, learn to live like a Moroccan (and learn how Moroccans live!), learn about Islam from real Muslims, learn how to cook Moroccan food, add some Moroccan/African music to my iPod playlists, be able to read, watch, and understand the news in Arabic, and, if I’m lucky, see a camel and the Sahara Desert.

Motivation: Morocco and Africa are such different places from Wisconsin and the United States. While I could have chosen to continue my French studies in France, I wanted to experience a non-Western culture.  Morocco was the perfect option!  I’ll be able to continue studying Arabic and practice French with the locals.  I also want to discover the truth about stereotypes on Muslim countries and Africa.  A very important part of my trip will be discovering lies and truths in what many Americans believe about Muslims.  My last motivation is that Morocco is a beautiful place with many landscapes, colors, and different animals.  I want to soak up as much of this beauty as I can!

Previous Overseas Travel:  NONE! My first trip abroad will be to Africa!

Kendra Burpee – Fez, Morocco

Burpee, KendraVitals: I have declared Languages and Cultures of Asia as my major so far. However, I also want to major in International Relations and minor in Gender and Women’s Studies.

Goals: One of my biggest goals for this program is to learn Arabic. I also want to learn more about Islam in North Africa and the role of women.

Motivation: I studied abroad in Turkey last year and I became really interested in Islam and the Middle East. Like Turkey, Morocco interests me because of its rich cultural roots, mixing European, African and Middle Eastern influences. Although I only learned Turkish in Turkey, many people in my city spoke Arabic too because of its proximity to Syria. Arabic proficiency is the clear next step for me in order to attain my professional goals.

Previous overseas travel:  A semester in Panama, a year in Turkey, and a lot of traveling all throughout Central America

Alyx Knudson – Bo, Norway

Knudson, Alyx

Vitals:   Environmental Science Major with serious thoughts about a Scandanavian Studies Minor

Goals:  While I’m abroad, I would love to reconnect with my family in Stavanger whom I have not seen for many years, hike Preikestolen before sunrise, get lost (undoubtedly the best way to explore new territory), make new friends from all over the world, and be mistaken for a Norwegian.

Motivation:  I got a small taste of Norway when I was fresh out of the second grade when my family visited Norway and Sweden on vacation.  Ever since, I have been completely obsessed with the idea of studying abroad in Scandinavia.  My grandmother was born and raised in Sweden and I am fourth generation Norwegian, so my childhood was littered with dress up days and St Lucia traditions.  It was really only a matter of time until I found my way back!w territory), make new friends from all over the world, and be mistaken for a Norwegian.

Previous overseas travel:  Sweden, Norway, Canada


Elora Majumdar – Sydney, Australia

Majumdar, EloraVitals: Psychology major, Certificate in Leadership

Goals: Exploring every last corner of Sydney, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, learning to surf on one of the beautiful Sydney beaches, visiting Uluru, and exploring the Daintree Rainforest. I also want to go skydiving in New Zealand and scuba diving/snorkeling in Fiji.

Motivation:  Ever since watching a Travel Channel documentary on Australia at the young age of 4, I’ve had an obsession with the country. I knew at a young age that I absolutely HAD to visit Australia at some point in my life! When I was in my senior year of high school, I realized what better time to visit the country of my dreams than while I am in college? So, off to Sydney I go!

Previous overseas travel:  Bangladesh (3x), India (2x), Thailand, and, of course, Canada