Fall 2014

Andie Burjek – Rome, Italy

Burjek, AndieVitals: Major in Journalism, Certificate in Business

Goals: I’m most excited to immerse myself in a European culture. Throughout the semester, I hope I’ll hope I’ll find a niche and a home in a now-foreign country. I also can’t wait to travel, especially to visit my extended family in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Motivation:  I decided to study abroad I Rome for a few reasons. I love how beautiful the Italian language sounds, even though I only understand a limited amount of Italian so far. Also, as someone deeply interested in art, studying in a city where the Renaissance happened seems unreal. Rome also was appealing to me because it’s a place outside my comfort zone: I don’t know the language, and I don’t know any people. It’ll be like being dropped on another planet, and I’ll have to figure out how to navigate my way through the semester. I’ll be that weird American Alien. I can’t wait.

Previous Overseas Travel:  Madrid, Spain; London, England; Amsterdam; & Brussels, Belgium.

Allie Walkush – Granada, Spain

Walkush, AllieVitals: Spanish major

Goals:  When I am in Spain, I want to travel around Europe and experience as many countries as I can while improve my Spanish speaking ability. I hope to try new things, and immerse myself in the all of the different cultures.

Motivation:  Every since I was young I have always wanted to travel and see the world, and my mom said that one of her biggest regrets was not studying abroad in college. I knew I had to take advantage of the programs UW-Madison offered. I have always known I wanted to study abroad in Europe, but when I fell in love with the Spanish language, I knew I was going to Spain. When I am abroad, not only do I get to experience the different cultures, I am also able to improve my Spanish skills.

Previous overseas travel:  I have only been to Mexico, so I am excited for another opportunity outside of the United States!


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