Winter Intersession 2015-16

Heather Brevard – Costa Rica (UW Spanish Language)

Brevard, Heather PictureVitals: Sophomore, Bachelor of Science, Computer Science & Economics with Math Emphasis, casually studies Spanish and Chinese

Goals:  Speak exclusively Spanish, ask tons of questions, blog every day, obtain a foundational understanding of Spanish literature, and develop a firmer understanding of Costa Rica’s relationship with other Latin American countries and the U.S.

Motivation:  My study abroad in Costa Rica is motivated by 3.5 things:

1) Improvement of my Spanish speaking skills in an immersion environment.

2) I can earn the last three literature credits I need by taking SPAN 224 Spanish Literature.

3) Desire to broaden myself and gain unique experiences by diving into an unfamiliar culture.

3.5) I need an escape from Wisconsin’s winter.

Previous overseas travel:  Shanghai, China on the UW-Madison Global Gateway Program Summer 2015