Academic Year 2016-2017

Abby Waller – Madrid, Spain

Waller, AbbyVitals: Junior Spanish and International Studies Double Major

: During my year abroad I hope to improve my ability to communicate in Spanish and to live like a true madrileña. My main goal is to balance school work, getting involved on campus and in the city, and traveling extensively throughout Spain and Europe.

Most people who know me know that Spain and the Spanish language hold a special place in my heart. After visiting Spain for the first time on a trip in high school, I knew I would have to return. Madrid offers me a complete immersion into the Spanish language and culture, and the opportunity to study alongside Spanish speaking students at one of the oldest universities in the world.

Previous overseas travel:
Panama and Spain

Alex Wills – St. Petersburg, Russia

Wills, AlexVitals: second year International Studies major

I’m hoping by the time I come back to the States I’ll be more or less fluent in Russian. I’ve never left the country before – save the occasional trip to Canada – and I’m also looking forward to learning a lot by immersing myself completely in a non-American way of life.

I think everyone can relate to wanting to travel and experience firsthand cities, people, and ways of life differing from their own and as a student I have the perfect opportunity to do so in studying abroad. I love learning other languages (I’ve also studied French and Arabic) and studying in St. Petersburg is the perfect junction of wanting to travel, to continue my studies and to master the Russian language.

Previous Overseas Travel:
none 🙁