Fall 2016

Katie McClure – CIEE Intensive Language in Beijing, China

McClure, KatieVitals: Senior, International Studies and East Asian Studies major

Goals:  My biggest priority during my study abroad is to increase my Chinese ability, foreign language is incredibly important to me and I want to learn as much as I can while in college. Since I wish to work abroad after graduation, I want to really immerse myself in Chinese culture and life in Beijing, with the idea that I might work there!

Motivation:  My goal is to work in higher education while implementing my interest in China and Chinese culture. The decision to go on a program to China was therefore a very obvious decision. I have always loved Chinese culture and really framed my UW experience towards this area.

Previous overseas travel:  Canada, Mexico, China

Nichole Springer – Varanasi, India

Springer, NicholeVitals:  Senior (5th year victory lap) with majors in International Business and Marketing and certificates in Professional Chinese Communication and South Asian Studies.

Goals: This semester, I want to greatly improve my Hindi language skills. I love traveling and learning about different cultures and India has always been a place that I have been interested in. Along with that I really want to fully enjoy my last fall semester as a Badger by fully engaging in the UW in India program.

Motivation: I wanted to be able to complete some of my South Asian study requirements in a South Asian country. India has always been a place that I wanted to travel to. However, I thought that it wouldn’t be possible because I had already studied abroad two other times. With a fifth year in the picture, I am able to take part of that victory lap abroad in India. After studying Hindi and a little Bangla, this is a chance for me to improve vastly and live in the country and city where my target languages are spoken. I’ve also been fascinated with the history and story behind a place. Varanasi is such an old city that it is full of historic and ancient places to visit. I’m so excited to go abroad again and can’t wait to share my experiences with everyone.

Previous Overseas Travel: Spain, Dominican Republic, China, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Cuba

Shaniya Stengl – Madrid, Spain

Stengl, ShaniyaVitals: Junior, Spanish Education

Goals: My biggest hope for while I’m abroad is to be able to improve my Spanish speaking abilities. I am incredibly excited to be immersed in the culture that I have learned about, and I look forward to trying all sorts of different tapas and visiting the different parts of the city!

Motivation: Since I began speaking Spanish, my love for the language and the culture has only grown. I knew from the second year of learning it that I wanted to study abroad in Spain and experience the culture firsthand. I chose this program because what better way to experience Spain than to be in the capital city in the center of the country. While I’m in Spain, I also will be able to travel to other European countries I have wanted to visit!

Previous Overseas Travel: I’ve never been out of the United States, so this adventure will be even more exciting for me!