Spring 2017

Morgan Fuller – National University of Ireland, Galway

fullerVitals: Psychology and Spanish (maybe) with an emphasis in exercise science…with the intent of going into sport/exercise Psychology.

Goals:  I have lived in Wisconsin my entire life. But as an independent person curious about the world, I am also aware that there are SO many other perspectives out there beyond my tiny frame of reference. I am beyond excited to explore another culture and see the world through a difference lens, beyond excited to step outside my comfort zone and figure things out as they come, completely on my own. My goal while abroad is to grow as a person, to come back a better and more cultured version of myself.

Motivation: I always knew I was going to study abroad. When else in life is it convenient, and even feasible for that matter, to get up and move to a completely different country for 6 months? No strings attached, nothing tying me down and no other major responsibilities to account for…I’d be crazy not to take advantage of this once in-a-lifetime opportunity. While there are a million different places I would love to visit (and trust me deciding on which one was not an easy task) I am beyond excited to be spending 6 months in Ireland. Not only am I Irish and excited to learn more about a small part of my heritage, I have heard nothing but fantastic things about the country, its beauty and the people who live there. I can’t wait to see for myself. Plus it’s just icing on the cake to know that it’s very centrally located, and traveling to other European cities will be a breeze…so when it comes down to it I’ve actually got the best of both worlds.  So, as the Irish would say, Sláinte!

Previous overseas travel:  Mexico, Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica

Tarryn Michelson – University of Sydney, Australia

michelsonVitals: Junior Conservation Biology & Environmental Studies Major, French Minor

Goals:  I look forward emersing myself in a culture unlike my own. By seeing the differences between the two, I hope to be able to think critically about my own identity and place in this world.

Motivation:  It has always been a dream of mine to see the Land Down Under: to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, to hold a koala, to practice my awful Australian accent. Australia is an increadibly diverse place geographically, environmentally, and socially and I cannot wait to explore it!

Previous overseas travel:  France, UK, Italy, Germany

Stephanie Qadir – John Cabot University, Rome, Italy

qadirVitals:  Journalism major (strategic communication track), French minor, Business minor

Goals: I am really excited to experience many different countries during my time abroad, which studying in Europe will allow me to do.  I plan on exploring different parts of Italy as well as different areas throughout Europe.  I am most excited to see the Trevi Fountain in Rome and to eat my weight in pizza, pasta, and gelato over the next few months.  I hope to be proficient in Italian by the time I leave, and I cannot wait to meet other study abroad students from all over the world.

Motivation I have always known that I wanted to study abroad in college, but I wasn’t sure where.  I discovered the program at John Cabot University in Rome at a study abroad open house, and I learned that it was located in the heart of Rome and that classes were taught in English, something I was looking for in a study abroad program.  I love to travel and try new things, and studying in another country for a semester gives me the opportunity to do both.

Previous Overseas Travel: Greece, Turkey, France, Spain, Monaco, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Bermuda

Abigail Remiarz – UW in London, England

remiarzVitals: Sophomore, Elementary Education, content focused math minor, certificate in Educational Policy Studies.

Goals:  I’m most excited to be stationed in London because of its vast cultural history. It also holds history of my family as they were displaced to England as a result of WWII. Finally, London is positioned in way that makes for easy travel to the rest of Europe. I can’t wait to immerse myself in the bustling city.

Motivation:  Ever since I have visited London, I’ve wanted to return. There are so many more things to explore than just the places I visited during my three days there. Also, having family in the area will make the transition easier. Finally, the UW in London program includes an internship portion, and I hope the skills I gain in this internship will help me in the future as an educator.

Previous overseas travel:  England, Wales, European Band Tour (France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein), Mexico, and Canada.

Lucero Serna – Ceiba Tropical Conservation Semester: Galapagos, Andes and Amazon, Quito, Ecuador

sernaVitals: Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies major with certificates in Gender & Women’s Studies and Chican@/Latin@ Studies

 Goals: My goal is to learn about how Conservation efforts in Ecuador are different than in the U.S., especially taking into account the narratives and perspectives of those directly affected by policies that seek to protect biodiversity.

Motivation:  I chose the Ceiba Tropical Conservation Semester in Ecuador for their commitment to conservation and because they give participants the opportunity to travel across Ecuador and consequently study the different biomes found within the country.

Previous overseas travel:  Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain

Lizzie Wright – University of Copenhagen, Denmark

wrightVitals: Economics, Pre-Dental intent

Goals:  My primary goal is to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity and experience this once-in-a-lifetime adventure for all it has to offer. I would also love to eat my way across Europe.

Motivation:  I have always wanted to study abroad in college, and I focused on Europe because of the close proximity of each country and the convenience of traveling between different cities. Copenhagen is a vibrant area, with incredible art, food, museums, and architecture. It seemed to have the most ideal experience that I was looking for, from its health-conscious lifestyle to the strong economics department at my university. I’m so excited to explore Denmark for the first time and expand my travels all over Europe!

Previous overseas travel:  France, England, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Canada, Mexico, China