Fall 2017

Madison Clarke – WIP Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain

Vitals: Economics, Political Science

Goals:  I would like to improve my Spanish, get lost a few times, and learn political science from a unique perspective!

Motivation:  I chose the Madrid program because it offers political science and I am interested in improving my Spanish

Previous overseas travel:  Dominican Republic, Colombia



Eric Feudner – UMN Arabic Language and Culture in Fes, Morocco (Summer) and UW Wisconsin in Washington, DC Internship Program (Fall)

Morocco:  I want to go abroad mainly to improve my Arabic skills. I’m excited to see try many of the foods, and see some of the sights that I’ve learned about in my courses. Other than that, I’m excited to experience what it’s like living in another country and enjoying the culture.

D.C.: I’m excited to meet the sorts of people who are interested in and actually work in fields related to what I study. My main goal while in D.C. is to make connections with people that I will hopefully stay in touch with after graduation, and to get experience outside of the class room.

Morocco: I picked Morocco because of the option to study Arabic, and because it is a beautiful country. I’m motivated to study abroad in general because of my area of study. Studying abroad can help me better understand what it means to be a global citizen. Since I am almost graduated this is likely one of my last opportunities to study abroad, so I quickly jumped on it.

D.C. My motivation for choosing to be in the Wisconsin in Washington program is that many of the places I would like to work at after graduation are in D.C. I want to truly experience the city and really get a taste of what life is like outside of school.

Previous overseas travel:  Unfortunately none, this will be my first experience abroad, but I don’t plan on it being my last.

Andy Gray – CIEE Central European Studies in Prague, Czech Republic

Vitals: Political Science Major, Certificate in European Studies

Goals: My time in Prague is meant to create networking opportunities, get involved in social organizations, observe the social climate of European politics, and write extensively about my observations. I also plan to do a great deal of traveling on weekends to explore Europe as much as I can throughout the duration of my program.

Motivation: I’ve heard so many great things about the city of Prague, with its rich culture and architectural beauty peaking my interest. Geographically, the Czech Republic is right in the middle of Europe, which will allow me to traverse a number of countries when I have time to travel. With my interest in European politics at the forefront of my studies, this particular program offers a plethora of courses that coincide well with my education. I’ve always wanted to study abroad, and doing so for an entire semester in a continent that provides a myriad of opportunities to immerse myself in a variety of cultures seems like the ideal way to go about making that happen.

Previous overseas travel: Ireland, Ecuador

Isaac Marti – HECUA The New Norway: Globalization, National Identity, and the Politics of Belonging in Oslo, Norway

Vitals: Communication Arts and Rhetorical Studies Major

Goals: I am very excited to see and experience the country of Norway and especially the huge city of Oslo. I look forward to connecting to my heritage, meeting new people, and creating new experiences in my time abroad.

Motivation: I’ve always wanted to study abroad, and studying in Oslo provides a wonderful balance of foreign interest, beautiful scenery, and connection to my personal heritage. I will be able to expand my global perspective and hopefully connect with members of my extended family whom I have never met. I am looking forward to experiencing Scandinavian culture and especially looking forward to the two weeks following the program, when I will be backpacking alone from Oslo to Rome.

Previous Overseas Travel: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Northern Ireland.

Emma Miller – CIEE Central European Studies in Prague, Czech Republic

Vitals: Political Science major, Development Economics certificate

Goals:  I am excited to learn more about the Czech Republic and Prague, exploring and making it feel like home for the fall semester. I am also very excited to travel around Europe while I am there; my top cities to visit are Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Amsterdam and Krakow.

Motivation:  I always knew I wanted to study abroad in Europe, but I could never decide on what place felt “right”. When I found the program in Prague, it had that old European city feel that I had always pictured in my head! As I started learning more about the city’s history and culture, I got more excited and interested in it. Plus, it is in the perfect spot in Europe to travel to all the places I want to go!

Previous overseas travel:  This will be my first time abroad!

Kelly Petersen – University of Sydney, Australia

Vitals: Junior, currently pre-business

Goals: My main goal is to get involved in the University and make an impact during my time there. I also hope to complete an internship program and maintain a personal blog. Most importantly, I plan to try as many new foods as possible.

Motivation: I knew going into college that the one thing I really wanted to do was study abroad. I chose Australia because it was the farthest away from home and unlike any place I had ever visited in the past. The University of Sydney is Australia’s first university and its student experience is voted best in Australia, so it has a lot to offer me as an exchange student.

Previous overseas travel: France, Italy, Monaco, Turks and Caicos, Mexico