Fall 2018

Peter Kane – UW in Bolonga, Italy

Vitals: Senior, double major in English/Journalism with a certificate in Italian

Goals:  I look forward to gaining a new perspective on the world by immersing myself into Italian culture. I want to meet cool people from around the world, become fluent in Italian and explore as much of Europe as I can.

Motivation: I’m interested in Italian culture and its rich history. I chose to study at the University of Bologna because it is on of Italy’s best schools and the oldest university in the western hemisphere. The food is amazing, the people are friendly and wine is cheaper than water, or so I have been told.

Previous overseas travel: Switzerland, Germany, Italy

Bethany Prochnow – Wageningen University Exchange, The Netherlands

Vitals: Double majoring in Environmental Studies and Life Sciences Communication

Goals: I cannot wait to explore the unique culture of the Netherlands, along with other various European countries in my free time and on the weekends.  I am especially looking forward to trying new foods, making new friends, and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Motivation:  I have always loved to travel, but never have been to the Eastern hemisphere.  The variety of cultures along with the excellent public transportation in Europe was very appealing to me. I chose the Netherlands specifically because of its rich agricultural history, and the Wageningen University is directly in Food Valley.  I am very excited to experience all of the opportunities that studying abroad provides for me.

Previous Overseas Travel:  Bahamas, Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Mexico

Britta Seaberg – Ewha Women’s University, Seoul, South Korea

Vitals: Social welfare/Social Work

Goals:  My goals for my time abroad are to:

  • Immerse myself in Korean culture,
  • Get out of my comfort zone by interacting and meeting new people and experiencing things I couldn’t otherwise do back home
  • Challenge myself to learn as much Korean language as I can and use it in my every day life while I’m there

Motivation:  I had the opportunity to visit South Korea last summer with friends and I immediately knew I had to come back for longer. I love the food, fashion, the people, and the language. I have had an interest in East Asian culture as well as other world cultures for a long time now. Every opportunity I’ve had so far to engage with culture and lifestyles that are very different from my own have been challenging yet enriching experiences. South Korea also has a top notch education system so I’m really lucky for the opportunity to learn and expand myself within their university system.

Previous Overseas travel: Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, and South Korea