Finding The Right Mindset

Dear Reader,

Time is flying by. I only have 8 days until I’m gone for 365 in New Zealand. And yet, I’m trying not to think about this fact too much—which is actually quite difficult since facebook keeps posting ads with headlines like “Study Abroad!” and “Air New Zealand!” While departure seems dangerously close, I’m rather calm about it. Instead of thinking too much about what’s ahead, I’ve decided to concentrate on the time I still have with my family and friends. Even though these are my feeling right now, I want to tell you about a time where they were quite the opposite.

During last visit to the study abroad office, I met with Meg to have one last talk about studying abroad in New Zealand. Knowing this was our last meeting, I wanted to gather as much information as possible. We started our discussion about dorms (I still didn’t know where I would be living) and Meg offered me some suggestions. Then our conversation jumped from must-see places in New Zealand to buying an international phone to purchasing wifi for my dorm room.

While I was grateful for receiving all this information, it started to get overwhelming. “I’m scared” I blurted out. Meg, who probably wasn’t expecting this reaction, simply asked, “Why are you scared?” At the moment, I really couldn’t pinpoint why. It was a feeling I didn’t expect to have. I shouldn’t be scared; I should be excited right? After reflecting on it, I can equate the feeling to those nights before a big test when you haven’t even begun to study. You sit there thinking “gosh, I’m screwed for tomorrow”. Well that was me in the study abroad office. I realized I still had a lot to figure out with just a short amount of time.

As I’m writing this entry though, I can say my worries were a bit exaggerated. I slowly chipped away at all the preparation that needed to be done and now all I have to do is wait. While I know the goodbyes will be tough, I am getting increasingly excited to start my journey in New Zealand! I leave on July 4th— yes, Independence Day. So while America is celebrating its independence, I will be celebrating my once sense of independence somewhere over the Pacific.



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