Fun Lists to Focus On

I know I have lived in Peru because…

  1.  I don’t wait in lines anymore
  2.  Meals without rice are incomplete
  3.  The employees at the grifo recognize us
  4.  I’ve gotten my haircut here
  5.  Combis no longer scare me

    Tequenos, Aji de gallina  y Torta de coco
    Tequenos, Aji de gallina
    y Torta de coco
  6.  I’ve lost a few of my “midwestern manners”
  7.  Sometimes I don’t know if I was spoken to in English or Spanish
  8.  I notice when little things change (i.e the package design of one of our favorite bags of chips)
  9. I’ve seent 15 story buildings be built that were nonexistent before
  10. I’ve gone to church more here than I have in the past 5 years
  11. I fight with people over what would be about 20 cents
  12.   I rarely tip anymore
  13. I’m used to paying other people to do things for me (laundry, cooking, cleaning, sewing etc.)
  14. I know not to trust the crosswalk signs
  15. It’s not weird to bring up the Inca civilization/culture everyday
  16.  I have a Peruvian family…complete with jokes, laughs, and tragedy
  17. I arrive 5-10 minutes late and am still the “early one”
  18. I suddenly feel more ‘domesticated’ (thank you, machismo)
  19. Getting called at on the street is a daily occurrence
  20. I can’t dance without a hint of salsa anymore

Weird things I miss about the United States

  1. Carpet (there is none in our house and doesn’t seem to be very common here)
  2. Lines/Order (it gets annoying when everything is chaotic)
  3. Better Quality Goods (generally)625649_338070706302382_798250024_n
  4. Cold Milk (or just normal tasting milk in general)
  5. Moist Cake (it ends up being like bread here)
  6. Being Able to Drink Tap Water
  7. Backyards
  8. Precooked Foods
  9. The Blue Sky

10. Traffic Laws (I’m so thankful for those)

Things I’m afraid of doing when I return to the US

  1. Yelling “Baja!” to get off the bus
  2. Forgetting to put the toilet paper in the toilet
  3. Greeting someone with a kiss on the cheek
  4. Talking with weird grammar  (it’ll happen, no?)
  5. Forgetting my Spanish!
  6. Spelling similar/cognate words as they would be spelled in Spanish and not really realizing it (i.e celebration vs. celebración)
  7. Saying “Aya”  and “Claro” all the time
  8. Being more rude to people (since you kinda just have to do it sometimes here)
  9. Accidentally wave down a waiter at a restaurant for the checkNP14196_url

10. Getting sick after a drastic change of food