The Best Is Yet To Come

A song that is realllll smooth and perfectly explains how I feel before leaving is “The Best is Yet to Come” (version by Michael Bublé). I know my situation doesn’t pertain to the song because I’m not talking about a boy, but, hey, this is brasil we’re talking about here.

Im not going to a cottage up north with some friends for a week. I’m not going on a service trip for a week. I’m not even going to the Appalachian mountains for three months like I did last summer. I AM GOING TO BRASIL FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR. With all things considered, I would say I am enduring the worst part of it right now: waiting to leave. Well, maybe not the worst part, but I have to admit I am just so excited.

These past couple months have been rrrreally frustrating. First thing’s first: my Visa. I cannot leave the country without this paper. I first applied through mail, and I got really excited when I got the confirmation it had arrived:

Yay! The Consulate got my Visa application!

Unfortunately, ten business days later I got this:

rrreally US Postal Service? You return my envelope opened?
rrreally US Postal Service? You return my envelope opened?

Let’s just say, I was less than thrilled. Really Brasil? You rejected my Visa application because I gave you TOO MUCH MONEY? I mean, it could’ve been a donation. To be honest, it wasn’t end all be all. I got all my documents back even though the United States Postal Service returned everything back in an OPENED envelope. Note the OPENED part.

I don’t really want to bore you with my General Consulate of Brazil in Chicago narrative, but I do have to say it made me more excited and realize that despite this Visa trouble, the best is yet to come. For one thing two Americans were talking really loudly about their frustrations of Brasil.

You think that this would make me nervous or upset, but, honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled. One woman was complaining, saying, “All you do is wait in Brasil, wait in the grocery story wait in blah blah blah wait in blah blah blah wait, wait, WAIT. Thank God this is my last year going to Brasil” (the blah’s are in place because I don’t remember where else she waited).

I don’t know why it was her last year going to Brasil, but I am ready to experience some of this lax, pokey way of life. For those of you who don’t know me, I am a bit pokey at times. I just take my time. That and I often get distracted. Right now, for instance, I need to pack before going to Door County tomorrow, but I really wanted to write this blog post, so that will just have to wait.

There was another man too at the Consulate, an American who was on the phone complaining about being late to work and how he hated waiting so long at the Consulate to be served. Like I said, these complaints thrilled me. Not to mention that there were so many people around me speaking Portuguese. It has to be the most beautiful language in the world. Take the word window for instance, it is janela. (I can’t type how to pronounce it, so just look it up, and you’ll find out). It is so beautiful. I will order my food in Portuguese, speak Portuguese at markers, watch movies in Portuguese, talk to students in Portuguese. Let’s put it this way: I’m obsessed.

One other stressor is ironing out my living arrangements. Despite its frustrations, I know I will figure it out, and I will have a place to live. Did I mention I got to speak Portuguese on the phone via Skype? It was awesommmmmeeee.

My last worry is flights. I have a flight at 10:30pm from Rio to Belo Horizonte and arrive at midnight. Não gosto disso (I don’t like this?). Hey, at least I have a way to get from Rio to Belo-Horizonte.

Seriously, these struggles, whatevah. I mean, check it, I got Visa and Reais (dinheiro brasileiro) in hand:

Visa and Reais in hand, this is happening
Visa and Reais in hand, this is happening

So, as Michael Bublé said, The Best is Yet to come. Did I mention, I am going to World Youth Day right before I study abroad? WYD is basically a gathering for young happy Catholics, and the Pope comes. No words, none.