Home, Sweet Home

Goodbyes were difficult, but I finally made it home.  I spent my last night in Costa Rica by taking my host family out to dinner as a thank you.  I also spent my last night having a sleepover with a gecko in my room.  It was small and harmless but made me smile because I’ll miss the quirky Costa Rican charms.DSC08948

I’m so glad to be back in the comfort of my own home, but looking back at the experience of studying abroad, I don’t regret one second of it.  Not only did my Spanish improve tremendously, but also I made so many new memories and friends.  Being in a country less fortunate than the United States has made me extremely thankful for the simple things in life such as air conditioning and decently paved sidewalks.  I think I also grew as a person.  Realizing that I’m independent enough to spend six weeks in a foreign country by myself is a huge confidence booster.  I can honestly say that I don’t think my college experience would have been complete without studying abroad.  College in itself is a step towards freedom and independence, but studying abroad is the true test of character and strength.