Uni’s Back In Session!

I’ve officially been through my first week of classes, and I’m pleased to announce that I have no classes on Wednesday or Friday! Hello 3-day weekend! In some ways, classes here are very similar to classes at UW. Though none of my lectures are as big as those I have at UW, they’re still decently large. And just like there are discussions run by TA’s at UW, there are tutorials run by tutors at Macquarie. That’s kind of where the similarities end.

Lectures here are typically once a week for either 55 minutes or an hour and 55 minutes (TORTURE). Tutorials are also once a week and are 55 minutes. Sounds great, right? Not really. Students here are expected to do A LOT of work independently, outside of class. Yikes. There is a silver lining though! All professors post their lectures online! I’m not just talking about the power point. I mean the full lecture, audio/video included. It’s amazing (as long as you make sure you keep up).

Macquarie University’s campus is extremely different from UW’s campus. Macquarie has more of a closed campus, with a central courtyard and quad. The campus hub, located right in the middle of campus, contains amazing food options (Mexican, Asian, etc.). If that’s not enough, it has…wait for it…wait for it…its own bar called the Ubar! They really covered all the bases. Oh, and the library here just puts College Library to shame. It’s beautiful! I feel like I’m in a museum when I walk in! Speaking of the library, I’m actually going to head over there to get some studying done.

2013-07-17 14.37.13

Hoo roo for now!