Final Hours

Luggage is packed and sitting by the front door.  Boarding pass is printed. Packing list has been checked over once, and then checked over again, though I am still harboring suspicions that I have forgotten something important.

My flight leaves at 4:45pm TODAY, and although I’ve been running around all day and my body is exhausted, my mind is whirling. This past week zoomed by, and though I didn’t feel like anything was happening on Monday, it’s Friday now and I can definitely feel it.

There’s nothing fun about saying good-bye to friends, family, pets, and the great state of Wisconsin for a year, but the feelings of anticipation and excitement for the unfamiliar and approaching adventures do help balance things out. Besides the heat (expected low of 78, how lovely), I don’t really have any idea of what to expect when I hop off the plane in Delhi, and for the moment I’m feeling okay with the unknown.

So, ready or not (I think I’m ready!), after a few hours of sleep I’ll get up, meet some friends for breakfast, go for one last walk with my dog, and head to the airport with my parents. I’ll wave good-bye to them from the plane’s window, the same way I did four years ago, and I’ll be off, charting a new course. See you in India!

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  1. Dear Lydia,

    Bon voyage! Have a wonderful time in Varanasi, living, learning, and making connections. I look forward to your future posts.

    Jolanda Vanderwal Taylor

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