Back in Madison

I’ve officially returned home and after a short five days at home I moved back in Madison. I can’t believe my summer in China has come to an end. The long journey home consisted of leaving our hotel in Tianjin at 6:30am, arriving at Beijing Airport by 9:30. The only problem was that my flight didn’t leave until 5pm that night, so I hung airport all day. Luckily, there was a group about six of us on the same flight so I wasn’t alone. We took turns napping, guarding our luggage, and eating our last meals in China. The flight home was about 12 hours long, but surprisingly, it went by pretty fast. After a layover and some delays and cancellations, I finally made it home 32 hours later.

It was extremely weird stepping off the plane in Detroit and first of all seeing blue skies and clouds. That was a wonderful sight. Sometimes the sky now still looks fake, like the clouds were painted on a blue canvas. The next big difference was breathing clean air. Since China is so polluted and smoggy, the air seems so much lighter and fresher. By the time I got home, it was dark, and I could see stars! It was sort of like I forgot they existed when in China. I think I only saw the stars once this whole summer, which happened to be one of the first weeks I was there.

My experience this summer was amazing. I loved living in Tianjin. The city was the perfect mix of a little tourism areas and a real life city. I saw my family, and made new friends. I can’t wait to see everyone on campus. I traveled to seven different places including Tianjin, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Hua Shan, Xi’an, and Qing Dao. All my travels were great experiences, and I can’t wait to return to Asia to travel some more. I can tell I grown a lot throughout this program – not only in the Chinese language aspect, but also about myself. I am so much more confident with my Chinese and hope to keep it during the school year.

Thanks to everyone who helped give me such a great experience, and thanks for following!