Plane Ride and Airport

It’s been almost two whole weeks since I got to Korea.  I don’t want to leave Korea just because I don’t want to get on the plane again.  It took too long.  My friend and I are like we should just learn how to teleport. lol. But we can’t.  Here’s my plane ride experience:

Plane Ride

The plane ride to Korea was the longest ride ever!!!  I took 3 planes to get to Korea.  I have motion sickness, so an hour before boarding the plane I took a motion sickness medicine and wore the sea band to keep me from getting motion sickness.  I was so nervous.  I kept thinking to myself, “What do I do if I vomit throughout the whole ride?”  The first plane was small, which caused me to feel nauseous.  As my friends and I landed in Chicago, I felt even more nauseous. I was starting to get scared. I was preparing myself when I got onto the second plane, which took us to San Francisco.  As I boarded the plane and found my seat I asked the flight attendant to get me extra bags.  I took out my tissues papers.  I was ready and knew that I will vomit when we took off. The flight attendant not only brought me extra bags, but also gave me ginger ale to calm my stomach a bit.  It worked but as the flight went on I began to feel even more nauseous. I was trying to sleep to keep my mind off of it; I even listened to music. A different flight attendant noticed that I wasn’t feeling so well and offer me a piece of bread. She said it will help if I eat it.  I took a bite and it made it worse so I took a sip of the ginger ale.  I kept repeating in my head, “Do not vomit.  Do not vomit.”  I took another bite from the bread and the nauseous feeling went away.  As I left the plane I thanked the flight attendant for helping me through the ride.  It was finally my last plane ride, an 11 1/2 hour plane ride to Seoul, Korea.  I wasn’t that worried anymore, because I knew that it was a bigger plane and it shouldn’t make me nauseous.  I basically slept and listen to my music through the whole plane ride.  I only woke up when they were serving us food.  Thankfully I sat next to my friend who woke me up every time they were serving food, or else I might have slept through it all and would have been starving.


Korea’s airport was so confusing. We had no clue where to go get our luggage.  We followed the crowd and rode the 4terminal. Then we went through immigration.   The line was so long.  As we finished we went down to look for our bags.  We were looking for certain colors: red, blue, brown, and black.  We knew they should be together. We found them all in a pile on the ground with a couple of other luggage.  Someone was preparing to take them away since no one came to claim them.  Luckily, we got there just in time to receive our bags.  My friends and I had signed up to be picked up from the Kuba (Korea University Buddy Association) group from Korea University.  When we checked the time we only had 15minutes to look for them at gate F.  However, we still had to exchange our money.  We rushed over to exchange our money and speed walk to gate F.  It turns out we didn’t have to rush.  They were still waiting for the bus to come pick us up. It was another 1 hour ride on the bus before got to our dorms. But I made it. I was so happy and tired

5The bus we took to our dorm. The windows had purple curtains.

My friends loved how the bus looked inside. They thought it was cute.