School? What School?

G’day mates! Classes are in full swing, yet I frequently forget that I’m in Australia to STUDY abroad. The vibe here is so relaxed it’s easy to forget that I have a book to read by Monday, homework due in two days, and two papers due next week. Yikes. That being said, the sightseeing hasn’t slowed down a bit! Well, okay, maybe it has slowed down a tad. But I’ve still been seeing plenty of cool new things around the city. Last week, I went to Darling Harbour, a charming little harbour lined with bars, restaurants, and THE WORLD’S LARGEST IMAX THEATRE. How cool is that? I’m definitely going to see the second Hunger Games movie there (which, by the way,premieres in Australia before it premieres in the US!). The harbour curves around, so from one side of it you get a breathtaking view of the central Sydney skyline, with the skyscrapers looming right over you. Apparently, there are several festivals in Darling Harbour throughout the year, so I will definitely be hitting up whatever is going on while I’m here!

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Last weekend a couple friends and I went to the Royal Botanic Gardens in the city. Unfortunately, I didn’t actually see much of it for two reasons:

1) IT’S ENORMOUS. Definitely a full day excursion.
2) It was pretty hot that day (gotta love winter in Australia), and my friends and I were ecstatic to find an ice cream stand. Once we got our ice cream, we proceeded to find a shady spot on the grass and sat there for about 3 hours.

Then, we just got up and left. All in all a great day in the gardens, though I didn’t actually see much of them. No big deal though, as it’s winter here anyways, so there aren’t any flowers to see. Everything is just green. I’ll just have to go back another day when it’s spring! After we left the garden, we went to Chinatown. Surprisingly, Chinatown here is pretty small! That being said, it’s quaint and has great food for people who like Asian cuisine. We also went to an indoor flea market, called Paddy’s Market, in Chinatown. It was HUGE!!! I only bought some cheap fruits and vegetables, but I’m definitely going to go back one of these days to buy cheap souvenirs! Three cheers for saving money in a country where everything costs an arm and a leg!
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