21st in Paris!

My how October has flown! This month started off slow, just hanging out around London, more sightseeing and touristy things. Soon enough 18 October rolled around and low and behold, it’s my 21st birthday! I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t going to be back in the states to celebrate a 21st birthday the way it’s supposed to be celebrated, but I think going to Paris makes up for it. It was hectic before going; having to figure out plane rides, taxis, booking a hostel, finding a ride from the airport to the hostel, exchanging money, etc. Once there every frustrating little detail was all worth it. I fell in love with Paris. Everywhere you look is so beautiful. There are cobblestone streets everywhere, historical monuments at every turn, and crepes and croissants at every corner.

The first day we wandered around the city to get the feel for it. We unknowingly ran into the Arc de Triomphe, which is surprisingly larger than I initially thought. Every corner has adorable little sandwich shops that we stopped in and had the best bread I have ever had in my life! At night we ventured to the Eiffel Tower. When thinking about the Eiffel Tower, I imagined it to be overrated and just a monument for tourists. I sure was wrong. It was the most beautiful, breath-taking, hypnotizing thing I have every seen. We first saw it at night and for ten minutes at the beginning of every hour it sparkles. It was hard to even take pictures of because I was so in awe and couldn’t stop staring at it.


The next few days we took a bus tour to see even more of Paris and went to the Louvre! The sights were beautiful and so historical. It’s hard to realize what we learn in history has happened at where we were standing.  We took an afternoon stroll through Luxembourg Gardens and found a cute little bistro to eat lunch at. Before this weekend I had never had a macaroon and now I’m hooked! We found the store that is famous for being Blair Waldorf’s (for any of you Gossip Girl fans) favorite place to get macaroons. I can now relate to why it’s her favorite- they are amazing. After all our activities, we went to the lock bridge to see the locks of many lovers that came there. It was so cute to read all the messages on them and we even ended up putting our own on and throwing the key in the river!


Coming back to London was very comforting. Knowing where I was, having my bed, and having people speaking English made me feel like I was home! London is now becoming so familiar that it seems like home! I had a great weekend in Paris and now I get to travel to Barcelona next week!

Au revoir!