It’s the Great Ocean Road (and chicken schnitzel)!

In my last blog post I mentioned that my friends and I went on a trip down the Great Ocean Road during our short but wonderful stay in Melbourne. The Great Ocean Road curves along the southern coast of Australia, from Melbourne to Adelaide, and it is by far the most scenic coastal road I’ve ever seen. It is actually the world’s longest war memorial, stretching for about 250 km! Imagine cliffs dropping straight down into the gorgeous green-blue water and roads curving and weaving around the cliffs and hills, making you feel like you’re on the edge of the world. That’s what it was like riding along the edge of the Great Ocean Road.

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Because we had returned from our two-week road trip just a few days earlier, my friends and I weren’t quite in the mood to rent a car and drive ourselves down the Great Ocean Road. Instead, we decided to go on a day-tour on a bus. No doubt, it was the longest day trip I’ve ever been on. We were picked up from our hostel at 7am and didn’t return until about 9:30pm. That’s over 12 HOURS of sitting in a bus (granted, we did get off and roam around quite a few times, and stop for lunch and dinner…BUT STILL). Exhausting as it was, I had an absolute blast taking in the scenery, visiting gorgeous beaches (as if I haven’t seen enough of those since arriving in the wonderful land of Oz), and walking through a rainforest (third one so far!).

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One of the most amazing landmarks we saw was the Twelve Apostles, a group of twelve ENORMOUS rocks sitting right in the ocean. How did they get there, you wonder? Well, they’re basically the result of years and years of erosion. Pretty cool, huh? Or maybe I’m just geeky enough to find that sort of thing fascinating. If I’m going to be honest, a couple of my friends were definitely not impressed (think Mckayla Maroney at the 2012 Summer Olympics), since TECHNICALLY it really is just a group of giant rocks. But like I said, I think it was quite a sight to see.

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Judge me all you want, but the most exciting part of the day for me was lunch (I’ll blame it on my inner foodie). I’ve been seeing chicken schnitzel everywhere since they day I arrived in Australia, and up until this day I had never tried it. In fact, up until this day I couldn’t figure out what it even was. I asked several people, roommates, neighbours, classmates, EVERYONE, and they all just said the same thing: “It’s breaded chicken”. Well, I thought, what the heck is so special about breaded chicken and why does it have a weird name here? I figured there must be something different about it. Perhaps something that is very typical in Australia, which is why no one thought to mention it when I asked what chicken schnitzel, was. Quite a roundabout thought process, I know. But I refused to believe that this dish called a chicken schnitzel was really just a breaded chicken filet (pronounced by Australians like the word skillet, FYI). Anyways, I decided to try it when we stopped for lunch on our trip…drum roll, please. The verdict? It really is just breaded chicken! Nothing particularly special about it, aside from the fact that the restaurant I had it at did a great job preparing it, so it tasted amazing. It really is just breaded chicken, though. A bit of a letdown after the great mystery I built up in my head, but delicious nonetheless. Anyways, enough rambling about food from me, for now at least.


Finals are coming up so my adventures for the next couple weeks will consist of walking to the library and back, but maybe if I’m lucky a drop bear will fall on me and make things interesting! (Just kidding, they don’t exist.)

Later, mates!

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  1. Hi Elora! I am a peer advisor at IAP and it has been a blast to read your blog. I went to Macquarie in the Spring of 2013 and absolutely miss it. You have done everything I have done plus more! I wish I went to a couple places that you did that I didn’t get the chance to go to. Thanks for sharing and bring me back some TimTams!!!!

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