Summer in AUSSIE land!

Hey there, mates! Finals officially ended three days ago, which means summer vacation has begun!!! Unlike at UW, finals here last for a three-week period, meaning you could have a final at the beginning of those three weeks and at the end of those three weeks. Nice to have all that time to study I suppose, but I personally would rather get my finals over with over the course of 7 days, UW-style. Luckily, my two finals were just 4 days apart. Also, most people have all their finals at the beginning of the three weeks, so they are finished around the 20th (as opposed to the 30th, which is the last day of finals). Anyways, enough talk about finals.

I guess it didn’t really strike me so much while I was taking finals, that it is actually the end of the school year here! I’m well aware that Australia has opposite seasons, which means the semesters here are opposite to our semesters at home (meaning I’m here for the second semester here). However, it just didn’t hit me that I was about to start summer vacation. I guess that had something to do with the fact that it was November! I was getting prepared for Thanksgiving, and meanwhile I was also on summer vacation. Talk about trippy.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, I surprisingly had a great one down under here! Of course Thanksgiving isn’t actually a holiday here, but everyone knows what it is due to Hollywood movies and such. There are enough Americans living in my apartment complex (about 10-12 of us) that we decided to get everyone together and have a potluck for Thanksgiving! Everyone signed up to bring a different traditional American Thanksgiving dish, and it turned out to be absolutely delicious. I have to admit, I was a little concerned about being homesick, as Thanksgiving is the biggest holiday of the year in my family, but I highly enjoyed celebrating with my interesting and diverse family here in Australia instead! My contribution? Sweet potato pie. And get this: Australians don’t eat sweet pies, they eat savory (meaty) pies, so I was more than happy to introduce them to the amazing world of sweet dessert pies!

1425546 IMG_4965 2013-11-28 16.00.24

To be honest, I have done much else with my summer vacation so far. I have a friend from home visiting (a fellow Badger who also happens to be from my hometown in New Jersey), so I’ve been busy doing plenty of touristy things with her, such taking pictures on the steps of the Sydney Opera House, eating kangaroo pizza, etc. After she leaves in 4 days, my sister arrives in Sydney and we go straight to Melbourne, so I definitely have some more adventures to look forward to! I have about another 3 weeks left in Sydney (which makes me want to cry), so we’ll see what those three weeks have in store for me! Now it’s time to go do more touristy things with my Badger visitor!

IMG_4951 IMG_4847 IMG_4841 2013-11-25 19.29.28 IMG_4991 IMG_4983 IMG_4980 IMG_4970 IMG_4890 IMG_4854

Unrelated side note: I only recently realized that I will be going straight from summer vacation to winter break when I return home in three weeks. Trippy, no?