The Horror of Bukhansan

1 November 18, 2013, a day I’ll never forget.  The horror that came upon me and my friends.  It was a sunny day.  We decide to climb Bukhansan.  It was a bad idea, especially since we started climbing at 2:30pm.  The lady at the front desk warned us not to go to the top because the sun was going to set.  She warned us of the dangerous animals that appear at night.  She even told us to return the next morning, instead of climbing.  We didn’t think much of her warning, so we decided to climb.

Three hours later we finally made it to the fortress wall.  We climbed onto it and walked on it taking pictures of the scenery.  We came upon two old man and woman.


They told us that when we get to the temple gate we should head down instead of going to the top since it was getting dark.  We took pictures of the beautiful sunset without realizing it was going to get dark.  As we approach the temple we snapped a couple of pictures before heading down.

3As we cheerfully sang down the mountain, it suddenly became dark.  We should have rushed down out of the mountains, but we didn’t.  As we climbed down the stairs near the temple we came upon a man who glared towards us.  We wondered why he was looking at us.  We turned around and noticed a fox 4“Ahh!” screamed one of my friends and the fox ran off.  As we turned around, the man was gone.  It began to get cold and dark.  We couldn’t see anything in front of us.

The leaves rustle as if someone was following us.  A scream came from behind us.  We all turned around, realizing that a friend stumble down the cliff but caught himself on a branch.  We sigh of relief as we pulled our overweight friend back to safety.  Our hearts beating fast, as we hear each other’s breathing.  We pulled out our phones to use our flashlights.

However, our field of vision was limited because we couldn’t see pass our flashlight.  Bong, Bong… We were terrified of walking off a cliff.  We heard a gong ringing in the opposite direction.  As we stopped to listen we notice we were one step away from stepping off the edge.  We turned and head towards the sound.  Shinning our lights we didn’t see a path towards the ranger station.  The path split into two: an unknown path and one leading up the mountain again.  The gongs became louder and louder.  All these thoughts of murders, ferocious wolves and bears went through our heads.  We turned around and rushed down the rocks.  We passed a hollow tree thinking that we may have to sleep there for the night.  With every step and every slip we ran.  We knew something was not right.  The leaves began to rustle.  We felt a presence around us, watching our every move.  Without looking back we ran towards the light.  The faster we ran, the faster it ran.  We sigh of relief as we got out.  But then what was that.  Looking around we saw nothing, but trees.  Up ahead a taxi appeared out of nowhere.  We ran towards it, open the door and BAM.