And So it Begins…

I don’t remember much about my twelfth birthday, except like almost every other kid in my generation I was disappointed when a snowy owl didn’t force itself through my window or fireplace or mail slot to deliver an envelope with the Hogwarts seal declaring I was a wizard. Since then, I always figured that if I had the option to take the conciliation prize of studying in London, even if it wasn’t at Hogwarts, I would take it. So, needless to say I’m unbelievably excited to be leaving for London in ten weeks.

So besides my love of Harry Potter, I’ll let you know a little more about myself. First, the general stuff: I’m from the Twin Cities. I’m a junior majoring in psychology with a certificate in criminal justice (if you’re not from UW that’s just a funny way to say a minor).

It’s now the day after Christmas and I’m just realizing I have twelve days until I leave for London. Four of these will be spent up in the North Woods which means I have all of eight days to get my life together and pack it away for four months. This is only slightly intimidating… There’s a lot to be done, most importantly figuring out how to fit two seasons worth of clothing and a lot of shoes into one suitcase, a duffle bag and a backpack. That being said I should probably also buy the duffle bag. Luckily, the majority of my Christmas gifts were travel themed, including two itunes gift cards for the long rides and a Harrods gift certificate.

So, in an attempt to stay excited and not freaked out about leaving everyone I know and love behind, I’ve started making lists. To end the post I’ll leave you with the first two lists.

Top ten things I’ll miss (in no particular order):

1.  My family and friends in Minnesota and Madison

2. The view of the capitol at night when State Street is covered in snow (also, snow)

3. Noodles and the other American fast food restaurants that haven’t hopped across the pond

4. Sebastian Joe’s and Babcock Cookies and Cream Ice Cream

5. Home cooked meals (apparently there’s a food theme)

6. Studying on the terrace the first day it gets warm enough

7. My mom being able to send me all the clothing I forget at home in a matter of a couple days

8. Talking to my friends consistently without it costing a semester in tuition in phone bills

9. People not making fun of me for my apparent Minnesotan accent

10. Understanding colloquialisms

Top ten things I’m excited for about London (again, in no particular order):

1. Staying long enough to not feel/look like a huge tourist

2. Being a huge, dorky tourist for a while, at least till I see all of the sites

3. Getting to see not only London, but also many other places I’ve dreamt about

4. Becoming friends with twenty some new strangers

5. The Harry Potter tour

6. Having a designated tea time

7. Learning how to talk like a Brit

8. Learning how to explore a new place by myself

9. Getting familiar and hopefully falling in love with another city

10. Having a ridiculously fun semester!!