Less Than One Week Until Departure

It is finally almost time for me to leave.  I have been preparing for months getting my Visa, vaccinations, placement tests, and all of the necessary but boring and time consuming elements of travel out of the way.  Now I just need to pack, and as you can see in the photo, I still need to do a lot…


For my housing in Rio, I got my address of my host family, and I will be living in the Copacabana neighborhood, and according to Google Maps, I will be only two blocks from the beach!  I do not know much else about my host family, but I am very excited to meet them.  When I get to Brazil, I have a few days to get settled in before classes start.  The first few weeks, I will be taking an intensive Portuguese class, and during the actual semester, I am as of right now trying to take Ecology, Brazilian Sociology, International Negotiation, Portuguese, and a Brazilian Literature class.  The registration is different than at UW-Madison, so my class schedule could be different than these classes.  That is one thing that I am a little anxious about…will all of the classes I want be available, how much will they differ from what I am used to at UW?  I am very excited to finally arrive and explore Rio.

It is still crazy to think that in less than one week, I will be escaping the winter and living in a completely new atmosphere.  I could not be more excited.

Até a proxima vez!

(Until next time!)