Airport Adventures

Overall, I’m a patient person. However, the airport is an entirely different story where this does not apply.

I couldn’t even board my first flight without a delay, which caused me to miss my second flight and my re-booked second flight.

Talk about Midwest problems with all the snow and slippery runways, by the time I finally made it out of the U.S. I was relieved- there was no going back, even if I wanted to.

After my two, never-ending travel days I landed in Marseille, 8 hours later than I was originally supposed to. Tired, hungry, and completely out of my element, I set out to go through customs and collect my 57 lb. bag of luggage. I then boarded a cheap shuttle that drove me the remaining 20 minutes to Aix. It was a bummer it was dark because I couldn’t see much of the city but I was so tired I’m not sure I would’ve noticed anyway.

After I got off the shuttle I had to walk the remaining 10 minutes to my host stay. I had seen maps and kind of thought about the general direction in which I was supposed to head but it was dark, already 9 pm, and I had no idea where I was going. I shuffled to ask the driver for directions before he took off. All he said was   “à  gauche et à droite”  (go left then right) before speeding away. With his vague help I dragged my suitcase a little further before stopping in a hotel and asking for directions there.

By some miracle of god I made it to my apartment. My host grandma (I like to call her that, she’s an 80 year old French woman, it seems fitting) buzzed me in where I proceeded to drag my suitcase up 3 steep flights of stairs before she yelled down to me, in French, that there’s an elevator.

This whole series of events could have been that scene in the movie where it’s funny and you’re laughing but you also pity this character because it’s just hard to watch.

My host grandma doesn’t speak any English, or if she does, I definitely don’t know about it. We speak a lot of French together and I’m very pleased with my decision to stay with her as opposed to an apartment with another American student. This way, I already feel more confident with my French and it’s such a rich experience overall.

Right now, exhausted from my travels, I’m happy to be out of the snow.

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  1. Oh honey, how could this happen to you, a world traveler, it sounds like something I would have to do…I need my faux grand babies to travel with me!

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