A French Dream

Time flies when you’re living in a French dream.

I cannot believe I’ve been here two weeks now; I’m starting to recognize the names of streets and establish a routine of my own. The first few days of my journey were exhausting and a little intimidating.

Our first week in Aix consisted of intensive French class from 9 am to 1 pm at the French university I’m attending. It was a lot of grammar, early in the morning, but we all got out, receiving 1 credit for our hard work….

Saturday we all took a day trip to Marseille (where I flew into), which is one of the biggest and oldest cities in France trailing just behind Paris. The city sits on the Mediterranean coast and is somewhere I see myself frequently visiting this semester. We had a guided tour all day and it was magnificent- one of the places we visited was celebrating it’s 800 year anniversary and it knocked the wind out of me. The U.S. just doesn’t have history like that (yet).

I am continuing to love every inch of France I’m getting to know.

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