Ik heb een mond vul tanden

Literally translated, that means ‘I have a mouth full of toes.’ Interesting (and impossible). In America, we would say ‘I’m at a loss for words,’ ‘Speechless,’ or the common ‘Oh, s***.’ You get it.
It’s the single Dutch phrase that’s been in my head since I realized (approximately three days ago) that I was leaving this Saturday. And that my bag was still sitting in the corner of my room, empty, and that I might be the last person to leave to go abroad, but I still hadn’t even opened Word since finals week, last December. Problems. So here I am now, still met een mond vul tanden with little piles of clothing all over my floor, my backpack cleaned out and ready to go and I’m finally writing my first post.
I have this idea that I want to go abroad with one suitcase and one suitcase only. And that I want that suitcase to be about 90% full when I leave so that when I inevitably buy things while abroad, I’m not at a loss on how to pack up all of my things come June 27th. That’s proving to be difficult, as it is cold and raining in the Netherlands and will probably be like that for a good long time. Rainboots are possibly the heaviest footwear you can pack into a suitcase. Warm jackets are possibly the most space consuming articles of clothing you can pack into a suitcase. Let me say, in my favor, I’ve mastered the art of rolling clothing. As a coastie, I’ve had to pack up and move out of my room by myself several times. Not once has my trusty bright pink rolling duffel suitcase monster been over 50 pounds. It might just be luck, but I’m gonna call it talent. However, this mass of stuff is making me worry about my 90% goal as well as weight limits.
Also, fun fact, they measure everything in kilograms in Europe, even your airline bag weight limit. I freaked out the first time I saw 23kg (“Stingy Europeans!”). Turns out it has a conversion rate only a bit more than the British Pound to the U.S. Dollar. 23kg =50.71lbs. Fascinating. I’m telling you, I’m a master packer.
I consider myself a very independent person. I’ve lived in dorms for various summer programs since I was about 13. My father raised me to be a good traveler, like him. My mom taught me how to deal with situations where I knew not a single person. I’m not worried about living in another country, getting around, finding friends. However, I literally have never had to consistently cook for myself. Ever. Long story short, there was always dorm food, sorority house food or my parents to make sure I had food to eat. So now, I’m thinking I might starve. I mean, I got this cool microwave steam tray thing (hello microwave-cooked pasta) from my grandparents for Christmas. I hope that will seriously help me out, because right now, I’m at a loss. I researched some food blogs for college students as well, however, I really need to see what kinds of ingredients I can get in Utrecht.
So, with (finally!) less than a week to go, I have to keep packing, complete my to do list of things I still need to get, kiss my boy goodbye, see my grandfather one last time, and actually seriously brush up on my dutch.
Met vriendelijke groet,
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