University of Wisconsin–Madison

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day 1

Blogging while sitting in the Dusseldorf Airport, I wayy over budgeted how long baggage claim and passport check would take, so I have an hour to kill before Amelie picks me up.

I’m absolutely exhausted so this might just be rambling. First, saying goodbye was ten times harder than expected. I cried hugging my parents outside security, walking to the gate after security, waiting for the plane to take off…a nice man in the row next to me even offered me a tissue (yes mother I should have brought Kleenex, you were right). Best part of the flight: it was EMPTY. Most everyone had their own row so I got to sleep, or attempt to, sprawled out on three seats. When I said to the woman that was supposed to sit next to me that she could have her own row I got a “Zuper!”…oops, forgot there were German people on this flight too. So everyone in Wisconsin is currently going to bed and I am just starting Sunday running on maybe two hours of sleep.

I am in shock of how nice this airport is, puts O’Hare to shame. Everything is glass and all the restaurants have the nicest decor, unlike…

And this is where Amelie runs up to me in the airport so I forget my train of thought there. We walked to the parking lot where her grandpa was waiting for us, and we drove to his house via the “Autobahn.” Now I’ve heard there’s no speed limit but let me tell you, I don’t think I ever comprehended that people would just be casually going 100mph. Once we got here Amelie’s mother and grandmother welcomed me with a hug and they prepared breakfast which was breads and cheeses and some meat. I had eaten on the plane and was still a little in shock so I just sipped on my water while they ate. For lunch we had pumpkin soup that was delicious and dinner I got to try fondue with the most amazing bread. It’s weird because I felt like everything I ate today was very normal but the way it tasted and the way they presented it just so differently that it was a new experience.

This morning Amelie and I went for a walk to try to combat the sleepiness and get some fresh air. If you were to picture a German countryside, you’d probably say there would be some fields with greens, old brick houses with ivy, maybe some sheep or chickens, etc. That was EXACTLY what this looked like, it is gorgeous. I even made a sheep friend along the way!

Well, it’s 2:30am and I can’t sleep but I have a big day tomorrow so I should probably try. Amelie is going to show me around her hometown of Aachen.

Guten nacht!