University of Wisconsin–Madison

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Lazy day

Just a quick update…so Monday we drove from Amelie’s grandparents to Aachen where her mom and little brother live, it is right on the border to the Netherlands. We spent Monday walking around Aachen and she showed me the famous Cathedral there (that I wasn’t allowed to take pictures in, sorry!) The streets are all cobblestone and there are all kinds of little shops, from coffee shops to clothes to even decor. After a wonderful dinner with her mom, family friend, and her best friend we drove a quick 30 minutes from Aachen to Maastricht, Netherlands where she lives and goes to school.

Tuesday morning we got up and walked around Maastricht a little, it’s just as cute as Aachen but a little smaller. Tuesday afternoon she wanted to show me “Primark” which apparently was the best shopping, so obviously I was all for that! We drove another half an hour into Liege, Belgium to the mall there. What I thought was the most different about the stores was how much English there was on all the clothes! Like how sometimes our clothes have French or Spanish on them…theirs are all in English. One shirt was actually kind of offensive, it had literally every bad English word printed on it, including ones that I would NEVER use. We walked by a guy with a hat on that said “Sorry, I’m very fresh”, I thought it was hilarious! Or this one, who exactly are the Chicago Eagles?

Today we slept in and watched movies all afternoon, currently waiting for dinner to cook and then we’re heading into town for a few drinks. Tomorrow, quick day trip to Amsterdam.

More to come!