I really want to dedicate a whole post to Josette, the woman I am living with while abroad. She has already been playing such a key role in my experience that I want everyone to get to know her even if they don’t have the chance to meet her.

Josette is a Parisian woman who moved to Aix 7 years ago. She’s 80 something and one of the most animated people I’ve ever met.

She shares a lot of qualities with your typical grandmother figure: warm, amazing cook, wears cute sweaters, but she also has a lot of unique, defining qualities about her, such as her opinioned nature and love for clothes and all things fashion.

We often watch the news during dinner and while I ask her about vocabulary words I’m not familiar with, we usually end up debate the topics ourselves. I am making leaps and bounds in my French comprehension skills because of her.

Throughout her adulthood Josette worked for a big clothing store, so she loves to help me get dressed to go out with friends (i.e “you should change your shoes, how about you put some eye shadow on, here, add these pearls).

Moving in with a stranger has had its challenges and there have been a few times where our French has gotten lost with each other, but this experience has been very rewarding in the month I’ve been here. I cannot even imagine what it will be like in the months to come. I feel so lucky to have found a family away from my family. I think she’s really the reason this place feels like home to me.

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  1. I would love to meet this woman, I don’t care what your youngest brother says, all it take to be a grandmother is to love being with young people!

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