Life of a Mochilera: She’s Back (in Brasil)

yikes. i’m back.

It’s hard to believe that i have already been away from home for more than seven months. As the cliché goes, time certainly does fly. Of course, you’ve probably already gathered that i’m back in Brasil since i’ve stated that in my previous blogs, but i haven’t talked about being back (since traveling) in Brasil yet ok?

Lemme tell ya, the moment i landed back on terra brasileira i felt at home. Well not at home, but definitely at A home. Because, currently, i have more than one home: my Madtown campus, my fam in Miltown, and now my apartment in BeloTown (maybe not the best way to refer to BH). Anywho, i feel i am at a home.

For instance, something as simple as the language gives me a sense of comfort. Eu adoro português. Sério, it’s like a song. A sweet song of wonderfulness that focuses a lot on tone and is very rhythmic. By no means am i a master. In fact, i can’t tell you how frustrating it is that everyone percebes my sotaque estrangeiro right away. I mean C’MON.

Instead of ficando frustrada with my foreign accent, i want to embrace it. After all, i shouldn’t want to strip my american identity, not in an imperialist sense, but in a patriotic one. As the song goes, I am proud to be an american, but i am also proud to be a portuguese speaking american who happens to be living in Brasil at the moment.

Besides, after spending a semester here in UFMG i certainly feel more acclimated. Lembra daquele blog post called Tudo Joya (it’s actually spelled *jóia #foreignerprobs)? Welllll let’s just say i ain’t strugglin’ as much.

Bem, i still get my rando sweeps of saudades for my friends and fam back in the States but i’m gonna see y’all shortly. Por outro lado, i don’t know when i will come back to Brasil. AND I AM COMING BACK. I don’t wanna leave all these wonderful people i’ve met and never see them again!

And Graças a Deus, I can actually say that i have made friends. I am truly blessed because so many people have been loving and welcoming; i couldn’t ask for anything more.

As a result, i wanted to thank these friends with a classic American Brunch on my birthday. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my birthday than to spend it with people who mean a lot to me and feed them some scrumptious chocolate chip banana pancakes. I truly felt loved and appreciated, which means so much especially because i am a foreigner and always will be in Brasil. However, despite being a foreigner, i feel like i have a home here in BH.

me and a gente on meu aniversário
me and a gente on meu aniversário
my attempt to trend silly photo...for some brasileiros it no dá
my attempt to trend silly photo…for some brasileiros it no dá

So, i wanna thank all of those who have me acolhido because y’all rock. Shout out to MUR peeps, FALE, fellow intercambistas, and roomies: you galera have been more than welcoming, and i look forward to getting to know y’all even better!

In the meantime, i’m gonna keep busy with school, learn how to play charango (ukelele type thing), continue to meet more brasileiros, and overall be filled with excitement to actually enjoy this semester instead of being in culture shock and what not like last semester.