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Uncross your legs!

Monday, March 3, 2014

HELLO WORLD! My dream has come true…we’re talking eight year old Ellen dreaming of the day she would see a real life fashion show; let alone PARIS FASHION WEEK. I will now proceed to give every single detail that I can remember because, HELLO it was FASHION WEEK.

So every Monday I have class until 4pm and I had looked up when a few of the shows were going to be this week and 1there was conveniently one at 5pm today so I figured why not go and try to stalk outside the show…see if there were any famous people or models to scope out. Myself and two of my girlfriends headed there and arrived around 4:50; there were all kinds of super fashionable people getting out of cars at the show, we could see the ropes for press and buyers…but not the standing room line. We walked into the lobby and could see the lights and all the fashionable people walking up giving “bisous” (kisses) and walking through like they were lifelong friends with the “bouncers”. We then noticed the “Standing” line and this huge black bouncer walked up, said something very quickly in french and I’m sure we looked terribly confused so he repeated in obvious english that the line was being moved outside and he would let us in soon. We shuffled and got 5th in line outside…meanwhile the three of us are pinching ourselves. “Guys, the Devil Wears Prada is about this. Our life is a movie!” He then let us in one by one and we lined up behind the seated people with a perfect view of the runway and the photographers and all the fabulous people. The photographers kept shouting “UNCROSS YOUR LEGS!” because the people in their line of sight who had their legs crossed would get in their pictures. They were trying to fill in the seats so one of the producers asked if one of us wanted to sit down and we all wanted to stand so we offered it to this man next to us…he went to sit down and we saw him get super emotional and take a big sigh, like he was moved to be there.


All of a sudden a musician came out and started playing this dark music with his electric guitar and the first model comes out…my stomach dropped and my heart started racing. There was no way this was actually happening. The models did not look like real people. Each one was at least 6 feet tall, weighed 100 pounds and was paler than a dead person…although I think that was the intention. They each had red/orange eye liner so they looked like zombies almost. Each outfit was better than the one before it, and honestly, I’d never heard of the designer before but I felt like I would wear about 75% of her stuff. I kept noticing little things like one jacket had a dirt smudge on the elbow and I could see the underwear lines of one model…I was close enough to see her underwear lines!


We walked out after the show just in absolute awe…like did that really just happen? As we stood on the street corner making our plans for tomorrow a few models just casually walked by with their makeup on; you know, just walking home from work. Needless to say, we’re going to try to go again on Wednesday before all the shows are done…especially because we got into this one for FREE. Luck was on our side today!