A Never Ending Purim

At Wisconsin, Halloween, otherwise known as Wiscoween, is definitely a main attraction that people flock to Madison for. While I thought that no other holiday consisting of dressing up in costumes could ever beat the infamous Wiscoween, I was proven wrong when I got to experience Purim in Israel. There is no place else in the world that I would have wanted to be on Purim than in Tel Aviv, being that Tel Aviv welcomes all sorts of people who are free to express themselves in any way that they would like. During Purim, its a mitzvah to drink, eat and just celebrate friendship and life. From Thursday night to Sunday morning, my friends and I spent the entire weekend dressing up in different costumes and attending parties and street parades with people of all ages, dressed up in the most extravagant and hilarious costumes. From a man dressed up as a Tinder profile to a woman painted from head to toe in glitter and paint, there certainly were no boundaries as far as appropriate costumes goes. Lucky for us, the weather forecast on Friday pushed the main Tel Aviv street parade to be moved to this coming Friday, so I guess Purim is going to be a never-ending holiday for us and no one is complaining!

Theres something about being able to dress up in costume and run around the streets of Tel Aviv, making friends with strangers and indulging in wine and hamentashens on the beach that reinforces my love for this city. Something about Israel that I appreciate everyday is that anything goes. You can act anyway you want, dress anyway you like, and easily communicate with anyone you want (for the most part), but still feel like you are in a foreign country that is so different from the United States socially and culturally. I guess to put it simply, Tel Aviv gives me the best of both worlds.

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