As the days tick by and I’m coming to terms that I wont be studying abroad forever, I can’t help but think about Aix and Josette and my experience thus far as a whole.

Although, as my blog reveals, I have been fortunate enough to be traveling a lot within Europe, I am very much looking forward to these first few weeks of April, where I will have time just explore the Provence region more. I think getting to know the area in which you’re studying is so important.

Josette has been such a learning experience for me. One day I woke up and all of sudden I wasn’t just a guest in the house anymore; I was a part of it. I finally realized it when I got home from school one day to see Josette waiting for me with strawberries that she walked to the market just to get for me because she knows they’re my favorite. There were no other motives besides the fact she wanted to make me happy and that’s when I knew this wasn’t just a living arrangement.