I cannot even begin to explain what it was like to have my mom in France for her spring break. We met in Paris and I practically ran from the train station to the hotel where she was staying, I was so excited. Even though I am a twenty-year-old adult, there is nothing in this world that comes close to the love of a mother.

We had the best weekend in Paris, exploring as much of the city as we could in three days. I will treasure the pictures from our trip forever.

I returned to Aix for school and my mom and her friend met me here the next day. It was so rewarding to show them around my new home. We visited my school, which they both got a kick out of as educators themselves, and enjoyed the sunshine, which we didn’t have in Paris.

The most memorable part of her visit, however, was Josette hosting an upscale brunch for my mom, her friend, and myself.

They arrived around noon, where Josette sat patiently on the couch, ready to entertain, something she loves to do and is so good at.

The table was set with a fancy tablecloth I’d never seen. We drank wine and had appetizers while I began the long journey of translating our afternoon (Josette doesn’t speak a work of English and the same goes for my mom with French).

After almost three hours of stories and so much food (SO much) we pried ourselves out of our seats and made our way out.

Having Josette, someone who has played such a major role in my study abroad experience, and my mom, who made the whole experience itself possible, in the same room and meeting for the fist time is a memory I will cherish forever.