Pre-Passover Break

I’m not quite sure if I’m confused, angry, anxious, or depressed that it’s already April, but whether I like it or not, time is flying by. Next week, I will leave Israel for the first time since landing here in January, to go explore Europe for 12 days. I will live out of a suitcase as I travel to Florence, Venice, Rome, Prague and Amsterdam, in an attempt to do what people who are studying abroad in Europe do every single weekend. As excited as I am to get to eat incredible and authentic food, see places I’ve never seen before, and catch-up with friends that I haven’t been with for months, I am sad to leave this city that has become my home. I have no doubt that I will have an unbelievable and memorable eurotrip, but when I return, Tel Aviv will be different. In Tel Aviv, there are winter clubs and summer clubs. It’s hard to believe that this whole time in Israel I’ve been experiencing “winter,” being that I’ve spent most of my days lying at the pool in between classes or at the beach on the weekends, but that’s because “summer” here means 95 degrees and hotter. With the warmer weather also comes the opening of beach nightclubs. The infamous club, “Solo” that I go to weekly will be closed and replaced with “Clara” when I return from Europe (Clara sits on the beach and was one of the selling points that I heard about when being convinced to study abroad in Tel Aviv). But, just like every person who has studied in Israel in the past has advised me to do, I will be coming back from Europe early to spend part of Passover in Israel. Even though I have an amazing trip to Europe, hotter weather, and new Israeli clubs to look forward to in the future, I would do anything to turn back the clock and start abroad all over again.