Korea University Graduation

 1I’m not really sure but I believe that the students have just graduated, since they were in their graduation robes.  This was right before our first semester (before March) began.  People were selling flowers all over campus.  On Korea University campus there are usually never any street venders, but during this time the street venders were everywhere.





Hanbok, a type of traditional Korean clothing, is usually only worn during national holidays or weddings.  Hanbok basically consists of a jacket and trousers/skirt.  My friends and I were able to wear some to take pictures.  The clothes were beautiful and colorful.  We had fun wearing them.

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M countdown Fail!! 🙁

So I have never been to a Kpop concert yet, even though I have been in Korea for half a year now.  Going to see a Kpop concert/music show is something I want to do before I leave Korea.  My friends and I decided to go see one that is free and is a first come first serve music show.  So since we had to get there extra early because there are a lot of Kpop fans out there, we decided to go stay at a spa nearby.


So we thought that we just had to get there early and line up in the general line.  We asked the people around us what we needed to do, but they didn’t really tell us anything so we just stood in line.   However, we found out that we had to take a picture with the sign typed to the heart and send it to the phone number listed to be place in the order we arrived.  We then proceed in taking a picture of ourselves and sending it in.  We got a message back saying we are number 61-64.  There were some people who has done this before and they told us that they usually let in around 60-70 people from the general line in.  So we were really wishing to get in but….turns out they only let in 10 people, which was a big letdown.  We were kind of sad since we stayed up all night just to get to see the show.  Hopefully next time if there is one.  But I did have fun at the spa with my friends. 🙂