On being old and growing up and everything in between

Living with an 83 year old teaches you a lot about what it means to be patient and move a little slower. I feel like I am always planning, always looking forward, always rushing. I’m never just soaking it in. Although it’s not January, I decided last week to make a new year’s resolution: to move a bit slower and to not wish away time.

Things like “I can’t wait to see my mom in June!” become obsessions about counting the days and I’m beginning to miss the present ones.

Nothing about this experience is ordinary and I have to appreciate every single moment, even the ones that seem ordinary, like sitting in my room. I’m coming to realize that I will never do something like this again.

Watching Josette move with such grace at a much slower pace than I do has taught me a lot.

I think my resolution also has to do with the fact that I’m simultaneously having an existential crisis about registering for my senior year of college. It’s probably the most cliché of all cliché but these have been the best, and fastest four years of my life. But there I go again, getting ahead of myself. I still have time left. And I made a promise to myself that I really want to keep- drink in the moment that is in front of me and learn to appreciate every single, normal second.