A Visit from the States

This past week, my parents came to Italy!  Although I have not been struggling with homesickness too much, it was still nice to see two familiar faces after the past three months of meeting all new people.  We spent the weekend visiting Venice and San Marino.  Venice was beautiful with the sparkling water of the canals at every turn.  We went out to the smaller island of Burano, where the famous Italian glass is made.  Burano was a nice break from the tourist-filled streets of Venice.  San Marino is a small country within Italy, which is basically a big hill.  We entered San Marino and toured some of the towers within the country.


During the week I played tour-guide and showed my parents around my new hometown of Florence.  It was refreshing to be able to give directions easily, translate phrases for them, and tell them about all of the best places to visit.  I think this was what finally confirmed for me that I was truly adapting to Italian life.

During my parents visit we were fortunate enough to get tickets to get a private tour of Vasaris Corridor, the walkway of the Medici family connecting the Palazzo Vecchio to the Pitti Palace.  It was amazing to view Florence from a different perspective – from above the main walkways of the city.  My parents especially enjoyed it because Vasaris Corridor plays a part in Inferno, one of Dan Browns books that they had recently read.


Although after saying good-bye to my parents, my homesickness set in, it was great to have them visit!  Also, my homesickness quickly subsided, when I realized I will be back in the States in just under two months!