Seoul Forest

At Korea University, there is a buddy group for the international students on campus called KUBA (Korea University Buddy Assistant).  This semester we are divided into 8 groups with about 60-70 students in each.  This semester, I am in group two (BBASAE2).  The first place I went to with my group was the Seoul Forest.   I thought it was like an actual forest with trees, grass, and flowers.  I thought we were going to a place surrounded by nature.  However, it turned out that Seoul Forest is just a big park where families come to play and enjoy the day relaxing outside.

Anyways, my group went there to play two games: “running man” and another game that is similar to the game “where the wind blows” called “do you like your neighbors?”

1We played running man first.   This game is where each player is given a name tag.  The name tag is then tape onto their backs.  We were split up into four groups.  I was on the yellow team.  The rules that we were given is that we had the whole pack as the playing field.  We were not allowed to leave the premises. The point of the game is to be the last one standing, meaning do not get your name tag ripped off by the other players.  It did not matter how many name tags you ripped off.  For the first three minutes, everyone was to run and hide.   You may choose to hide for the entire game, but it’s more fun if you only hide for a minute or two and then go out to hunt the other players down.   However, the park was bigger than I expected.  I had a partner that hid with me.  When we decided to leave our hiding place and walk around to find the enemies, we couldn’t 2find them.  However, we did spot three people from the red team group together, but being afraid we ran away from them.  After that we did not see anyone.  It turned out, that only me and my partner and two other from the green team survived the game.  (That was why we saw no one when we went around).  I was sad because I didn’t get the chance to rip anyone’s name tag off. But I did have fun. 🙂

3After the running man game, we played a game similar to “where the wind blows” called “do you like your neighbors?”  In this game the person in the middle of the circle will go up and pick someone and ask “do you like your neighbors?”  If that person says, “yes,” then the two people sitting beside her will have to get up and exchange spots, at the same time the person who asked the question will try to also take one of their spots.  However, is left without a spot to sit will then be in the middle.  If the person says, “no,” then the person in the middle will say, “Then who do you like?”  That person will 4then answer the question.  So, for example if he/she says, “I like people who are wearing yellow,” then anyone wearing yellow will get up and find an open spot to sit (this includes the person who was asking the questions).”  Again whoever does not have a spot to sit will then proceed to ask “do you like your neighbors?”

After that game, we ended our day by grabbing dinner.  I had a lot of fun playing the games with them.  🙂

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  1. I just went to Seoul Forest a few weeks ago for the first time – I’d thought it would be a forest too, hah! I’m a UW-grad teaching English in Gyeonggi-do, between Yongin and Gwangju.

    So great you’ve got KUBA at your University! Does this semester run through July for you?

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